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D 85 (Baniyas Road) alongside Dubai Creek in Deira.

The Dubai route numbering system is a network of highways and roads in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that is managed by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The network comprises 6 main highways and several major and minor inter-city and intra-city roads.



E 44 - Dubai-Hatta Highway sign

Highways connecting Dubai to other emirates are designated Emirates routes or E-routes. They are identified by an emblem of a falcon, the letter E and a two or three digit number. While within city limits, most roads and highways take alternate names, but are consistently identified by their corresponding E-route number. Six E-routes pass through Dubai, connecting the city with other emirates and towns:[1]

  • E 11 (Sheikh Zayed Road)
  • E 311(Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road)
  • E 44 (Al Khail Road; Dubai-Hatta Road Hatta Highway)
  • E 66 (Dubai-Al Ain Road)
  • E 77 (Expo Road/Jabal Ali-Lahbab Road)
  • E 611(Emirates Road (old name - Bypass))
  • E 55 (Sheikh Zayed Road) (Goes to Adh Dhayd)
  • E 22 (Khalifa Ibn Zayed Street; goes to Al Khaznah)
  • E 13 (Madinat Zayed (Al Dhafra Region)-Gayathi)
  • E 45 (Tarif-Liwa (Mezaira'ah))
  • E 15 (Arada-Gayathi adjoining to E11 Abu Dhabi-Ghuweifat Highway)
  • E 30 (Abu Dhabi - Al Ain Road; parallel to E 22 Road)

The longest of the E-routes is E 11, which extends the length of the UAE's Persian Gulf coast and connects all emirates, with the exception of Al Fujairah.


Jumeirah Road sign

D-routes connect localities within the city of Dubai and are identified by the emblem of a fort, the letter D and a two or three digit number. Considerably shorter in length than the average E-route, D-routes provide an intra-city network of roads and streets. D-routes parallel to UAE's coast along the Persian Gulf are numbered evenly, beginning with D 94; the numbers decrease as the network moves farther from the coast. D-routes perpendicular to the Persian Gulf coast are odd numbered and increase as the network moves towards the emirate of Sharjah. Some of the D-routes include:[1]

  • D 59 (Gardens Boulevard;Ibn Battuta St)
  • D 97 (Amman Street)
  • D 95 (Al Mamzar Road (Cairo Street); Baghdad Street)
  • D 94 (Jumeirah Road)
  • D 93 (Al Wuheida Road; Al Nahada Road; Tunis Street)
  • D 92 (Al Wasl Road; Al Mina Road; Al Khaleej Road)
  • D 91 (Abu Hail Road)
  • D 90 (Al Satwa Road; Mankhool Road; Al Muasallah Road)
  • D 89 (Al Maktoum Road; Airport Road; Al Khawaneej Road)
  • D 88 (On Bur Dubai side Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road and on Deira side Omar Bin Al Khattab Road)
  • D 86 (First Al Khail Street/ Al Mustaqabal Street)
  • D 85 (Baniyas Road)
  • D 84 (Al Seef Road; Zabeel Road)
  • D 83 (Umm Ramool Road)
  • D 82 (Al Naif Road; Al Rasheed Road)
  • D 81 (Riyadh Street)
  • D 80 (Salahuddin Road)
  • D 79 (Khalid bin al Waleed Road, Tariq Bin Ziyad Road, Oud Metha Road)
  • D 78 (Abu Baker Al Siddique Road)
  • D 77 (Al Kuwait Street)
  • D 75 (Sheikh Rashid Road)
  • D 73 (Al Dhiyafa Road)
  • D 72 (Al Asayel Street)
  • D 71 (Al Doha Street)
  • D 70 (Casablanca Road)
  • D 69 (Al Hadiqa Street; Muscat Street)
  • D 68 (Al Khail Street)
  • D 67 (Academic Road; Manama Street)
  • D 64 (Al Qusais Road; Damascus Street)
  • D 63 (Umm Suqeim Street)
  • D 61 (Hessa Street)
  • D 62 (Nadd Al Hammar Road)
  • D 60 (Al Rashidiya Road)
  • D 59 (Garn Al Sabkha Street)
  • D 57 (Al Yalayis Street)
  • D 56 (Algeria Street)
  • D 55 (Jabal Ali Freezone Street)
  • D 54 (Academic City Road)
  • D 53 (Al Maktoum Airport Street)
  • D 50 (Aweer Khawaneej Road)
  • D 42 (Saih Al Salam Street)

Major roads[edit]

Major roads and streets in the Al Ras locality in Deira.

Major roads typically surround a community or locality within the city and are addressed by a name and a three digit identification number. Streets within a locality are identified with a two digit number. Street numbers are repeated within each locality.[1]


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