Dubbi Volcano

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Dubbi is located in Eritrea
Location in Eritrea
Highest point
Elevation1,625 m (5,331 ft) [1]
Coordinates13°34′48″N 41°48′29″E / 13.58°N 41.808°E / 13.58; 41.808Coordinates: 13°34′48″N 41°48′29″E / 13.58°N 41.808°E / 13.58; 41.808[1]
LocationSouthern Red Sea region, Eritrea
Mountain typeStratovolcano
Last eruptionMay to October 1861[1]

The Dubbi Volcano is a stratovolcano located in the Southern Red Sea Region of Eritrea. Its peak elevation is 1625 m. There have been four known eruptions. In 1400 lava was determined to have reached the Red Sea while in 1861 ash was thrown over 250 km from the volcano.[2][3][4][5] Two further events were suspected between 1861 and the 20th century.

On June 13, 2011 an ash cloud that had some influence on air travel was attributed to Dubbi.[6] However, more accurate satellite imagery later showed that Nabro was the volcano that had erupted.[7]

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