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Dublin University Boat Club
Image showing the rowing club's emblem
Image showing the rowing club's blade colours
LocationIslandbridge, Dublin, Ireland
Coordinates53°20′45″N 6°18′53″W / 53.345863°N 6.314757°W / 53.345863; -6.314757Coordinates: 53°20′45″N 6°18′53″W / 53.345863°N 6.314757°W / 53.345863; -6.314757
Home waterRiver Liffey
Founded1836 (Pembroke Club)[1]
1898 (Dublin University Boat Club)[1]
AffiliationsRowing Ireland
Trinity Regatta

Dublin University Boat Club (DUBC) is the Rowing club of Trinity College Dublin. The club operates from its boat house at the Irish National War Memorial Gardens, Islandbridge, on the South Bank of the River Liffey. The club colours are black and white with a royal blue shield bearing the arms of Trinity College. Thomas Stevens is the current Captain of the club.


Dublin University Boat Club's beginnings can be found in the formation of the Pembroke Club in 1836. It was formed by University men and was primarily concerned with the rowing of small boats at Ringsend. In 1847, it was decided that the club membership be restricted to those with ties to the college; in doing so they amalgamated with the fledgling University Rowing Club to become the Dublin University Rowing Club.[2] This club was the first Irish club to field a crew at Henley Royal Regatta. For the next 43 years, it was by far the most successful Irish rowing club.[citation needed]

Exterior of the University's Boat Clubhouse.
Exterior of the University's Boat Clubhouse.

1866 saw a split in the DURC and the formation of the Dublin University Boat Club. The next 32 years saw both win at Henley, and the majority of important Irish rowing trophies being shared between these two clubs. In 1898 old differences were put aside and the two clubs amalgamated under the name of the Boat Club. The familiar black and white hoops of the Trinity zephyr were retained from the boat club and adopted as the colours for the new club.

Since 1975, women's rowing at Trinity has been facilitated by our sister club, Dublin University Ladies Boat Club.[3]


Since 1881, DUBC has won several titles, including seven Henley wins, three Visitors Challenge Cups, the Ladies' Challenge Plate twice, the Wyfold Challenge Cup and the Thames Challenge Cup.[citation needed] Many of these victories were recorded in the 19th century.[citation needed] The most recent Henley victory for DUBC was in 1977.[citation needed] On the domestic scene, DUBC are surpassed by Neptune RC and others in terms of championship wins, however, with 25 victories in the IARU Senior Eight's Championships, the club holds more wins than any other.[citation needed] DUBC also has 28 victories in the Wylie Cup, the Irish University Championship.[citation needed] In the annual Gannon Cup match against University College Dublin Boat Club (UCDBC), the record is DUBC 36 wins to UCD's 30. DUBC also holds an 8-3 advantage over Queen's University Belfast, in the more recently established Lagan Construction Boat Race.[citation needed]

As of 2015, DUBC are reigning National Champions in the Men's Senior and Intermediate 8's,[4] and holders of the Gannon Cup, Wylie Cup, Leander Trophy, and the Overseas Entrant Trophy for the London Head of the River.[citation needed]


Henley Royal Regatta[edit]

Year Races won
1870 Visitors' Challenge Cup
1873 Visitors' Challenge Cup
1874 Visitors' Challenge Cup
1875 Ladies' Challenge Plate
1881 Wyfold Challenge Cup
1903 Thames Challenge Cup
1977 Ladies' Challenge Plate


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