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This is a list of public art on permanent public display in Dublin, Ireland. The list applies only to works of public art accessible in a public space; it does not include artwork on display inside museums. Public art may include sculptures, statues, monuments, memorials, murals and mosaics.

Public art in Dublin is a significant feature of the cityscape. The city's statues and other monuments have a long history of controversy about their subjects and designs, and a number of formerly prominent monuments have been removed or destroyed. Dublin is particularly well known for nicknaming some of its monuments.[1][2][3][4][5]

Public art in North city centre[edit]

O'Connell Street[edit]

Name Image Location Artist Year Nickname Source
Daniel O'Connell OConnellMonument.JPG O'Connell Street John Henry Foley 1880
William Smith O'Brien William Smith O'Brien (Statue).JPG O'Connell Street
Sir John Gray Sir John Gray.JPG O'Connell Street
James Larkin Big-Jim-Larkin.jpg O'Connell Street Oisín Kelly 1977
Spire of Dublin E4324-Spire-of-Dublin.jpg O'Connell Street Ian Ritchie Architects 2003 "The Stiletto in the Ghetto"
"The Syringe in The Binge"
"The Nail in The Pale"
"The Pin in The Bin"
"The Bertie Pole"
"The Spire in The Mire"
"The Stiffey on the Liffey"
"Metal Mickey" (mickey being slang for penis)
"The Pole in The Hole"
"The Rod to God"
Cú Chulainn Cuchulain at GPO.jpg GPO, O'Connell Street Oliver Sheppard 1911
(installed at GPO 1935)
Theobald Mathew Father Mathew Statue O'Connell Street.JPG O'Connell Street Mary Redmond 1891
Charles Stewart Parnell Memorial to Charles Parnell.jpg O'Connell Street Augustus Saint-Gaudens 1910
Mr. Screen Usher statue - full body.jpg Savoy Cinema, O'Connell Street
previously on Hawkins Street
Vincent Browne 1988
(installed in Savoy Cinema 2016)

North Quays[edit]

Name Image Location Artist Year Nickname Source
Three Bears with Attitude North Wall Quay/3Arena Patrick O'Reilly [10]
Great Famine
Famine memorial dublin.jpg Custom House Quay Rowan Gillespie 1997 [11]
World Poverty Stone
UN International Day for the Eradication of World Poverty
World Poverty Stone Dublin.jpg Custom House Quay Stuart McGrath 2008 [11]
Father Pat Noise memorial FatherPatNoise.jpg O'Connell Bridge [12]
Two Women The hags with the bags.jpg Lower Liffey Street "Hags with the bags" [13][14]
Anna Livia
The River Liffey
Anna Livia, Croppies Memorial Park.jpg Croppies Memorial Park, Wolfe Tone Quay
previously in O'Connell Street
Éamonn O'Doherty 2011 (1988) "The Floozie in the Jacuzzi"
"The hoor in the Sewer"

East of O'Connell St and Lwr Dorset St[edit]

Name Image Location Artist Year Nickname Source
James Joyce Joyce oconnell dublin.jpg North Earl Street Marjorie Fitzgibbon 1990 "The Prick with the Stick"
"The Prat with the Hat"
Margaret Ball and Francis Taylor Dublin Martyrs by Conall McCabe (2001).jpg Cathedral Street
The Three Graces DIT School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology detail.JPG Cathal Brugha Street Gabriel Hayes
The Wishing Hand 20130807 dublin114.JPG Marlborough Street Linda Brunker 2001 [18]
Chariot of Life Chariot of Life Irish Life Centre 02.jpg Abbey Street Oisín Kelly 1982
James Connolly James Connolly - Dublin statue.JPG Beresford Place Éamonn O'Doherty 1996 [19]
Universal Links on Human Rights
Jails holding prisoners of conscience
UniversalLinksOfHumanRights.jpg Amiens Street Tony O'Malley 1995 [19]
Custom House Memorial Custom House Memorial Dublin.jpg Memorial Road Yann Goulet 1957
Scathan (mirror) Bus Station Busaras.JPG Store Street Robert McColgan 2007 [20]
NC Iris Mayor Square, IFSC Vivienne Roche 2006 [19]
Strong Striking Bear IFSC
Dublin and Monaghan bombings Memorial Dublin and Monaghan front.png Talbot Street 1997
Dancing Children Summerhill Cathy Carmen [21]
Two Children Portland Row
The Five Lamps (General Henry Hall Memorial) Amiens Street/North Strand Unknown C.1880 [22]
North Strand Bombing Memorial North Strand Road 1991

West of O'Connell St and Lwr Dorset St[edit]

Name Image Location Artist Year Nickname Source
Ag Crú na Gréine (cow) Cow sculpture Wolfe Tone Square 02.jpg Wolfe Tone Square, Jervis Street Jackie McKenna 2003 [23]
Arbour Hill 1916 Memorial 1916 Arbour Hill Wreath Laying 2010 (4581357034).jpg Arbour Hill Cemetery
The Healing Hands Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin.JPG Mater Plot/Berkeley Road Tony O'Malley 2000
Children of Lir Children of Lir sculpture.jpg Garden of Remembrance,
Parnell Square
Oisín Kelly 1966
Brendan Behan Brendan Behan statue 2015.jpg Royal Canal, Dorset Street John Coll 2003
Peadar Kearney Peadar Kearney monument.jpg Lower Dorset Street

Public art in South city centre[edit]

Trinity College[edit]

Name Image Location Artist Year Nickname Source
Edmund Burke Edmund Burke TCD 02.jpg Trinity College John Henry Foley 1868
Oliver Goldsmith Goldsmith.jpg Trinity College John Henry Foley 1864
William Lecky William Edward Hartpole Lecky Trinity College Dublin.jpg Trinity College
George Salmon Sculpture of George Salmon at Trinity College, Dublin.jpg Trinity College John Hughes
Campanile Trinity-College-Campanile-Front.JPG Trinity College Charles Lanyon,
Thomas Kirk
Sphere Within Sphere Trinity Pomodoro.jpg Trinity College Arnaldo Pomodoro "The half-eaten Malteser"

"The Death Star"

Reclining Connected Forms Dublin Trinity College Henry Moore.jpg Trinity College Henry Moore 1969
Cactus Provisoire Dublin - Trinity College - 110508 132423.jpg Trinity College Alexander Calder 1976
The Double Helix The Double Helix Trinity.jpg Trinity College
Chac Mool Chac Mool Trinity.jpg Trinity College Sebastián 2015 [25]
Apples and Atoms Apples and Atoms.jpg Trinity College

St. Stephen's green[edit]

Name Image Location Artist Year Nickname Source
Fusiliers' Arch
Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Fusiliers Arch.JPG St Stephen's Green John Howard Pentland 1907 "Traitors' Gate" [26] [27]
Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa O'Donovan Rossa, St Stephen's Green Dublin.jpg St Stephen's Green
James Joyce James-Joyce-Stephens-Green.jpg St Stephen's Green Marjorie Fitzgibbon 1982 [28]
Lord Ardilaun Lord Ardilaun Sir Arthur Edward Guinness (Close Up).jpg St Stephen's Green
Fianna Éireann memorial Fianna Éireann memorial at St. Stephen's Green Park, Dublin, Ireland..JPG St Stephen's Green 1966
Robert Emmet Robert Emmet, Stephens Green, Dublin.jpg St Stephen's Green Jerome Connor 1916 (original)
Tom Kettle Thomas M. Kettle memorial in St. Stephen's Green park, Dublin, Ireland.jpg St Stephen's Green Albert G. Power 1919 (bust) 1927 (memorial) [29]
Constance Markievicz Constance Markiewicz in st stephens green.JPG St Stephen's Green
Three Fates Dublin St Stephens Green Three Fates 01.JPG St Stephen's Green Josef Wackerle 1956 [1]
Lady Laura Grattan Font St Stephen's Green North
James Clarence Mangan James Clarence Mangan.jpg St Stephen's Green Oliver Sheppard 1909
Standing Figure: Knife Edge, William Butler Yeats memorial Dublin St Stephens Green William Butler Yeats Memorial 02.JPG St Stephen's Green Henry Moore 1961
Rabindranath Tagore Rabindranath Tagore's bust at St Stephen Green Park, Dublin, Ireland.JPG St Stephen's Green 2011
Rose Bowl Rose Bowl, Dublin, October 2010 (01).JPG St Stephen's Green Sandra Bell 2006 [2]
Great Famine Monument Memorial St. Stephen’s Green Dublin.jpg St Stephen's Green
Wolfe Tone WolfeToneStatue.JPG St Stephen's Green Edward Delaney 1967 "Tonehenge" [30][31][32][33]

Merrion Square Park[edit]

Name Image Location Artist Year Nickname Source
Oscar Wilde memorial sculpture Oscar Wilde Statue.JPG Merrion Square Park Danny Osborne 1997 "The Quare in the Square"
"The fag on the crag"
"The Queer with the Leer"
"The Poof on the Pouf"
Michael Collins Michael Collins - Merrion Square.jpg Merrion Square Park Dick Joynt 1990 [23]
Joker's Chair
Dermot Morgan
Dermot Morgan Memorial Chair.jpg Merrion Square Park Catherine Greene 2002 [23]
Éire sculpture Éire sculpture Dublin.jpg Merrion Square Park Jerome Connor 1976
Bernardo O'Higgins Bust of Bernardo O' Higgins, Merrion Square Park, Dublin, Republic of Ireland..JPG Merrion Square Park Francisco Orellano Pavez 1995
Henry Grattan Henry Grattan - Merrion Square.jpg Merrion Square Park
The Victims O'Connor - The Victims - Merrion Square.png Merrion Square Park Andrew O'Connor 1976
National Memorial to Members
of the Defence Forces
20130810 dublin068.JPG Merrion Square Park Brian King 2008

South quays[edit]

Name Image Location Artist Year Nickname Source
Matt Talbot Matt Talbot.JPG Sir John Rogerson's Quay James Power 1988 [19]
Merchant Seamen Memorial Irish Seamens Memorial.png Sir John Rogerson's Quay
Admiral William Brown SEPTEMBER 2007-71 (1347347825).jpg Sir John Rogerson's Quay 2006 [19]
The Linesman Taking the strain - The Linesman sculpture on City Quay - - 1725963.jpg City Quay Dony MacManus 1999 [19]
Padraig Sheahan Memorial Theatre Royal Hawkins Street Dublin 1960s (6898594718).jpg Hawkins Street
People's Island (Footprints) Traffic island at junction of
D'Olier Street and Westmoreland Street
Rachel Joynt 1988
Sunlight Chambers Essex quay3c (8223915999).jpg Essex Quay
Wood Quay Wood Quay Michael Warren.jpg Wood Quay Michael Warren 2002

East of Westmoreland St and Grafton St[edit]

Name Image Location Artist Year Nickname Source
Thomas Moore Coral and Copper Snow Thomas Moore statue NLI.jpg College Street
Long Stone replica College Street Cliodhna Cussen 1986
Constance Markievicz Countessmdublin.JPG Tara Street
Harmony Pearse Street Sandra Bell 1998 [19]
Táin Wall Desmond Kinney’s mosaic (6179099398).jpg Nassau Street Desmond Kinney 1974
William Plunket William Conyngham.jpg Kildare Street
Leinster Lawn Cenotaph
Arthur Griffith, Michael Collins,
Kevin O'Higgins
Cenetaphleinsterlawn2012.jpg Leinster Lawn,
Leinster House
Prince Albert Statue of Prince Albert outside Leinster House (2009).jpg Leinster Lawn,
Leinster House
John Henry Foley 1868
Thomas Heazle Parke Thomas Heazle Parke.jpg Natural History Museum,
Merrion Street
The Kiss Earlsfort Terrace Rowan Gillespie 1989
Reflections Bank of Ireland HQ Baggot Street.JPG Bank of Ireland, Baggot Street Lwr Michael Bulfin 1978 [37]
Birdy Birdy Rowan Gillespie.jpg Upper Mount Street Rowan Gillespie 1997
Memories of Mount Street Lower Mount Street Anthony FitzSimons 1988
Patrick Kavanagh Patrick Kavanagh monument at Grand Canal, Dublin.jpg Grand Canal John Coll 1991 "The Crank on the Bank"
"Banal at the Canal"
Liberty Scaling the Heights Climbing (6725355761).jpg Grand Canal Street

West of Westmoreland St and Grafton St[edit]

Name Image Location Artist Year Nickname Source
Henry Grattan Bank of Ireland, Dublin. County Dublin, Ireland-LCCN2002717395.jpg College Green John Henry Foley 1876
Thomas Davis Dame Street - Thomas Davis.jpg College Green Edward Delaney 1966
Crann an Óir Sculpture, Dame Street - - 1470899.jpg Central Bank, Dame Street Éamonn O'Doherty 1991 [39]
Bronze Palm Tree seat 20130809 dublin084.JPG Temple Bar Vincent Browne
Oliver St. John Gogarty and James Joyce Temple Bar (Dublin, Ireland) (8114812405).jpg Temple Bar
William Temple Plaque Sir William Temple Plaque - Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland - August 2008.jpg Temple Bar/Temple Lane
Molly Malone Molly malone grafton street-edit.jpg Suffolk Street,
previously Grafton Street
Jeanne Rynhart 1988 "The Tart with the Cart"
"The Dish with the Fish"
"The Dolly with the Trolley"
"The Trollop with the Scallops"
Dublin Yeomanry Memorial St. Andrew Street
St Andrew St. Andrew Street 1803
Phil Lynott Philip Lynott Dublin Statue.jpg Harry Street Paul Daly 2005 "The Ace with the Bass" [44]
Veronica Guerin Veronica Guerin.jpg Dubhlinn Gardens, Dublin Castle John Coll 2001
Garda Memorial Garden 20130807 dublin067.JPG Dubhlinn Gardens, Dublin Castle Anna Dolan, OPW 2010
Benjamin Guinness Dublin St. Patrick's Cathedral Statue of Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness 2012 09 26.jpg St Patrick's cathedral John Henry Foley 1875
Millenium Child Christchurch Place John Behan 2000 [45]
Liberty Bell Park Beside Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin (3130830443).jpg St. Patrick's Park Vivienne Roche 1988
Sentinel St. Patrick's Cathedral is the largest church in Ireland. (3131017061).jpg Patrick's Street Vivienne Roche 1994

Public art in Northside suburbs[edit]

Name Image Location Artist Year Nickname Source
Wellington Monument Ireland - Dublin - Phoenix Park - Wellington Monument 2.jpg Phoenix Park Robert Smirke 1861
Phoenix Column Phoenix Monument.jpg Phoenix Park 1747
Papal Cross
Pope John Paul II's visit to Ireland
PapalCrossDublin.jpg Phoenix Park 1979
O'Connell Tower Glasnevintower.jpg Glasnevin Cemetery
Double Helix National Botanic Gardens Charles Jencks 2013 [46]
Michael Cusack Statue Michael Cusack.jpg Croke Park
Seán Russell Sean Russell bronze statue.jpg Fairview Park 2009
(original stone statue 1951)
Realt na Mára
Star of the Sea
North Bull Breakwater, Dollymount, Dublin Ireland - - 314767.jpg North Bull Wall 1972
Dancing Couple
Stardust fire
Stardust Memorial Park, Coolock
Misneach Main Street, Ballymun [47][48]
Windsculpture Windsculpture 1988 Eamon O'Doherty.jpg Clontarf Road / Alfie Byrne Road Eamon O'Doherty 1988
Howth Fishermens'
Association Memorial
Howth Memorial - - 35516.jpg Howth Harbour 1994 [49]
Realt na Mára Howth port plaisance.JPG Howth Pier 2013 [49]
Spirit of the Air The Dublin Airport Roundabout - - 1752447.jpg Dublin Airport roundabout Richard Enda King 1991

Public art in Southside suburbs[edit]

Name Image Location Artist Year Nickname Source
Proclamation group
Proclamation of the Irish Republic
Dublin-Proclamation.jpg Kilmainham Gaol Rowan Gillespie 2007
Cross of Sacrifice, Irish National War Memorial Gardens Cross of Sacrifice in the Irish National War Memorial Park.jpg Islandbridge Edward Lutyens 1940 [50]
Stone of Remembrance, Irish National War Memorial Gardens Stone of Remembrance in the Irish National War Memorial Park.jpg Islandbridge Edward Lutyens 1940 [50]
Freedom AIB Bank Centre.JPG AIB Bank Centre, Merrion Road Alexandra Wejchert [51]
Statue of a fiddler
and three children dancing
Stillorgan Shopping Centre Imogen Stuart [52]
Noah's Egg Noahs Egg by Rachel Joynt.jpg Veterinary building, UCD Rachel Joynt 2004
An Cailín Bán "An Cailin Ban" by the Mexican artist Sebastian - Sandymount Strand (6050705889).jpg Sandymount Strand Sebastian 2002
Blackrock Dolmen IMG BlackrockDolmen1871s.jpg Blackrock Rowan Gillespie 1987
Killiney Hill Obelisk KillineyHillObelisk.jpg Killiney Hill John Mapas 1742

Dún Laoghaire[edit]

Name Image Location Artist Year Nickname Source
Queen Victoria Fountain Victoria Fountain, Dun Laoghaire - - 332170.jpg Dún Laoghaire
Capt. J. McNeil Boyd Obelisk Dun Laoghaire Harbour (1000930330) (3).jpg Dún Laoghaire Harbour Royal St. George Yacht Club
George IV Obelisk Dun laoghaire obelisk.jpg Dún Laoghaire 1823 [53]
Christ the King Dun Laoghaire (3281539660).jpg Dún Laoghaire Andrew O'Connor 1978 [53]
Archer II Archer II by Niall ONeill - Newtownsmith, Dun Laoghaire (5839919897) (7).jpg Dún Laoghaire Niall O'Neill
Commemorative Trees Stone PEOPLES PARK DUN LAOGHAIRE (179847888).jpg People's Park, Dún Laoghaire
Mothership Glasthule workOfArt with James Joyce Tower.JPG Glasthule Rachel Joynt 1999

Past public art[edit]

Name Image Location Artist Notes Nickname Source
George I George I Essex Bridge.jpg
Equestrian Statue of George I Engraving.jpg
Initially at Essex Bridge, later at the Mansion House John van Nost Initially erected on Essex Bridge (now Grattan Bridge) in 1722, and removed in 1755. It was later re-erected in the garden of the Mansion House in 1789, where it stood until 1922. In 1937, it was sold to the Barber Institute of Fine Arts in Birmingham, England, where it stands today.
George II George II Statue, Dublin.jpg St Stephen's Green John van Nost the younger Erected in 1758, blown up in 1937. [54]
William of Orange King William Statue 1.jpg College Green Grinling Gibbons Erected in 1701, removed in 1929, melted down in 1946.
Sir Philip Crampton Sir Philip Crampton's memorial in Dublin Wellcome L0002903.jpg College Street John Kirk Erected in 1862, removed in 1959. "The Water-babe"
"The cauliflower"
Griffith-Collins Cenotaph Griffith-Collins Cenotaph Leinster Lawn Dublin.jpg Leinster House, Kildare Street Erected in 1923, removed in 1939.
Queen Victoria Queen Victoria "visits" Library Towers (8409924813).jpg Leinster House, Kildare Street John Hughes Erected in 1904. Removed in 1947, put on display in Sydney, Australia in 1987. "The auld bitch" [56][57][58]
Nelson's Pillar XXI OCTOBER MDCCCV (8636135413).jpg O'Connell Street Francis Johnston
William Wilkins
Thomas Kirk
Erected in 1809, blown up in 1966.
William Blakeney O'Connell Street John Nost Erected in 1759, removed in 1808.
Bowl of Light & flowerbed O'Connell Bridge The flames of the Bowl of Light were thrown into the Liffey in 1953.
The ugly raised flowerbed on which the sculpture originally rested was first nicknamed "The Thing" and later 'The Tomb of the Unknown Gurrier'.
"The Tomb of the Unknown Gurrier" [59][60]
Gough Monument Gough Monument, Phoenix Park.jpg Phoenix Park John Henry Foley Erected in 1880, removed in 1957. It was later re-erected in the grounds of Chillingham Castle, England, in 1990. [48][61]
George Howard Carlisle Statue, Phoenix Park.jpg Phoenix Park John Henry Foley Erected in 1870, statue blown up in 1958, plinth remains in place.
Millennium Clock River Liffey Removed in 1999 "The Chime in the Slime"
"The Clock in the Dock"


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