Duboce Triangle, San Francisco

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Tree-lined sidewalk access to parking, Victorians, and more modern buildings on Sanchez Street near 14th Street in Duboce Triangle.

The Duboce Triangle neighborhood is located near the center of San Francisco, California just below the hilly slopes of Buena Vista Park between the neighborhoods of the Castro/Eureka Valley, the Mission District, and the Lower Haight. The area is sometimes known as Mint Hill, after the United States Mint, nearby on a steep rocky cliff overlooking the intersection of Market and Duboce streets. The neighborhood is bordered by Market St., Castro St., and Duboce Avenue.

The Duboce Triangle is served by Muni Metro, historic streetcars, and buses. Because of its location east of Buena Vista Heights and Twin Peaks, the area sees less fog than many places in San Francisco.

Duboce Park and several smaller "pocket" parks provide public green spaces, as well as lushly landscaped sidewalks and well-maintained Victorian flats and apartment buildings. These are the direct result of San Francisco's rejection of the large-scale demolition of Victorians and their replacement with slab-like public housing that of the Western Addition in the 1960s. The city used the federal government's slum clearance dollars to renovate the mostly-19th century housing stock instead, and also to plant street trees, bury utility wires underground, and to widen sidewalks and narrow streets.

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