Dubplate Drama

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Dubplate Drama
Title Card (2007)
Genre Drama, Music
Created by Luke Hyams
Starring Shystie
Adam Deacon
Noel Clarke
Darragh Mortell
Tulisa Contostavlos
Tim Westwood
Richard Rawson
Opening theme "Theme To Dubplate Drama"
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 14
Running time 15-60 minutes
Original channel Channel 4
Original release 11 November 2005 (2005-11-11) – 3 July 2009 (2009-07-03)

Dubplate Drama is a British television series that aired on Channel 4 between 11 November 2005 and 3 July 2009.[1] The premise of the series involved a group of young musicians, leading role played by Shystie attempting to make it big by securing a record deal. Three series of the show were broadcast - the first series contained twelve fifteen-minute episodes, the second contained six thirty-minute episodes, and the third contained two feature-length specials of sixty minutes each. The show was described as "the world's first interactive drama series", as it allowed viewers to vote on the outcome of each episode.[2] The first two series of the show were released on DVD, with the third remaining unreleased. The show was notable for its well-known British talent, including roles played by Shystie, Noel Clarke, Adam Deacon, N-Dubz and Tim Westwood.


Episode List[edit]

# Title Episode notes Directed by Written by Original air date
1 "Series 1, Episode 1" First appearances of Dionne (Shystie), D-Brain (Roger Griffiths), Prangers (Ricci Harnett) and Warren (Hoodman) 11 November 2005
Shortly after performing at a radio station, Dionne witnesses a gang trying to sabotage the radio station. However, the radio station manager mistakenly believes that she did it - so naturally comes after her. This only drags her into one of many dilemmas to come. She is left with the choice to either run away by herself, or jump into the car with the gang who were sabotaging the radio station. Viewers voted she should join the guys in the car for a quick getaway.
2 "Series 1, Episode 2" 18 November 2005
The leader of the gang introduces himself as Redhead, and he almost immediately takes an interest in Dionne. He offers her a chance to perform at a rave - an opportunity which she takes. Things seem good until Dionne returns home to find her cousin Warren inside with drugs. As Dionne is about to kick him out, he tells her he'll be killed if she kicks him out. Dionne is left with the choice to either kick him out or let him stay. Viewers voted to let him stay.
3 "Series 1, Episode 3" 25 November 2005
Dionne lets her cousin Warren stay, bearing in mind that it is only for one night. Later, at Redhead's rave, Warren gets into a fight just as Dionne is about to do a MC battle that could do wonders for her reputation. She is left with two choices - step down from the battle to help her cousin, or go through with the intense MC battle. Viewers voted that she should take on the battle.
4 "Series 1, Episode 4" 2 December 2005
After deciding to take on the battle, which she wins, Dionne helps out her cousin who has now been kicked out of the rave. Later we meet Rudy, a guy who is in the same gang as Redhead. Rudy wants Redhead to do a robbery, and even gives him a gun. Dionne, unaware that they will be doing a robbery, accompanies Redhead, but when the police arrive will she hide Redhead's gun, or will she refuse to? Viewers voted she should refuse to hide it.
5 "Series 1, Episode 5" 9 December 2005
Both Dionne and Redhead are searched however the police become distracted when a nearby crime takes place. Luckily, they did not discover the gun, however Dionne is completely angry. To make matters worse, Redhead still goes through with the robbery; stealing a chain from Chris, a member of a rival gang. Dionne runs off in anger and is now alone, but also scared. Should she phone Rudy, the guy who ordered Redhead to do the crime? Or should she not do this? Viewers voted that she should not phone Rudy.
6 "Series 1, Episode 6" 16 December 2005
Redhead has been kidnapped and is under interrogation from Prangers, the radio station manager. Prangers takes the chain Redhead stole from Chris and throws it away. Luckily Rudy arrives to settle the situation. Later, Dionne's boyfriend Melvin discovers the chain and immediately starts wearing it. Things seem okay again, Dionne has even got herself a job at a restaurant. Melvin picks her up from work, wearing the chain - Dionne laughs but tells him to take it off. As they drive off in happiness, Chris, along with MC Vyrus, are in another car plotting to get the chain back...by any means necessary.
7 "Series 2, Episode 1" First appearances of Bones (Adam Deacon), Mike (Noel Clarke), Flames (Fazer), Minus (Tendayi Jembere), Errol (Mike Combes), Sleezy (Dappy), Laurissa (Tulisa) and Tim Westwood 20 September 2007
Warren, Dionne's cousin, needs money to pump into his music career, so he agrees to sell drugs for Errol and Redhead. However when Prangers is assaulted outside a club, the police get involve and begin questioning people. Warren worries whether the police will find the drugs on him and asks Dionne to hide them for him, but will she go through with it?
8 "Series 2, Episode 2" 27 September 2007
Minus, a new character, is an up-and-coming film director and is given the chance to film a music video by Errol. However when Errol assaults a video dancer on set and the police arrive, will he tell the police the truth or keep quiet?
9 "Series 2, Episode 3" 4 October 2007
When Dionne and co are left in a town they do not know about, things go a little crazy. Wanting to get back to London, Dionne and Warren take D-Brain's limo, however they accidentally run over Bones. Will Dionne drive off? Or will she stay, facing the consequences to her actions?
10 "Series 2, Episode 4" 11 October 2007
Dionne and Warren are still outside of London, luckily however they bump into old pal 'Drama'. Drama agrees to drop them back to London but he and a friend have to make a quick stop at a radio station first. Warren seizes this chance and starts rapping on the microphone which lands him in hot water with Drama. Warren has annoyed Drama so much, will he still take him and Dionne back to London? Or will he leave them there, in a town they do not know that much about?
11 "Series 2, Episode 5" 18 October 2007
At the video shoot, Dionne feels Warren has disrespected her, so she decides to get her own back by slapping him! Alone, Warren discovers two thugs are going to gate crash the music video and rob everything. What makes things even worse is that these guys have collateral in the form of knives... Should Warren warn the crew? or should he leave them, after all they did tell him to go?
12 "Series 2, Episode 6" Final appearances of Warren (Hoodman), Bones (Adam Deacon), Mike (Noel Clarke), Flames (Fazer) and Minus (Tendayi Jembere) 25 October 2007
When Bones makes a diss track against Dionne, he only does so to hype up his music career. However, on the diss track things begin to get personal and he insults Dionne and Warren's Grandmother, amongst other things. Bones ends up being beaten up, while his mother is inside her house, watching the scene unfold. The police are taking their time. What should she do: Wait for the poilice? Or Risk her own life while trying to save her son's own?
13 "Series 3, Episode 1" First appearances of Devil (Charles Mnene), Mikey (Darragh Mortell), Millz (Isaac Ssebandeke) and Shane (Jamie Di Spirito) 26 June 2009
The gritty, innovative, interactive drama returns for a special two-part, feature-length edition, which completes the Dubplate trilogy.
14 "Series 3, Episode 2" 3 July 2009
The series concludes as the Fam have made it to the top, but fame and fortune becomes greed and jealousy as friend turns against friend: it's now a matter of life and death.

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