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Dubulti is the administrative center and the oldest part of Jūrmala, Latvia.


The settlement derives its name from the Lett Dubults, who had an inn there in the 15th century.[1] Dubulti however is first mentioned in the 18th century.[2] A fishing settlement was alter formed. After the Patriotic War of 1812, Dubulti became a rest point for those going to Courland. The first vacationing noblemen visited the local beaches in 1814. The Germans once called Dubulti 'Judenburg' because of Jewish inhabitants who had rights to settle there.[1] In 1841 the settlement gained an official name, Dubbeln.[1] The inn of Dubults was demolished in the 1930s.

Among Dubulti's landmarks are the Lutheran church (built in 1907–09), the Marienbad sanatorium of 1870 and an Orthodox church, built around 1860.

The poet Aspazija's home in Dubulti


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Coordinates: 56°58′N 23°46′E / 56.97°N 23.77°E / 56.97; 23.77