Duke of Beaufort (France)

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Duke of Beaufort
Beaufort turenne.jpg
Creation date 1537
First holder Gabrielle, 1st Duchess of Beaufort
Last holder Charles, 1st Duke of Beaufort
Extinction date 1726
Not to be confused with Duke of Beaufort (England).

Duke of Beaufort (duc de Beaufort) was a title in the French nobility.


The dukedom was first created in 1597 as a peerage for Gabrielle d'Estrée, Marchioness of Monceaux, the mistress of King Henry IV, with a remainder to their illegitimate son César of Bourbon-Vendôme, who later also became Duke of Vendôme.

The duchy (i.e. the lands associated with the dukedom) was sold by the 5th Duke of Beaufort in 1688 to Charles François Frederic of Montmorency-Luxembourg, who was created Duke of Beaufort without a peerage that same year. The dukedom of Beaufort was renamed dukedom of Montmorency in 1689. He later succeeded as Duke of Piney-Luxembourg.

Dukes of Beaufort - first creation (1597-1688)[edit]

Dukes de Beaufort - second creation (1688-1689)[edit]

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