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Duchess of Teschen[edit]

House of Piast, 1290–1653[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Duchess Ceased to be Duchess Death Spouse
According to some sources,[1] Mieszko's wife died ca. 1303, but her name is unknown. The Obituary of the Church of St. Vincent in Wrocław showed the existence of a certain "Grzymisława, Duchess of Opole" (Grimizlaua ducissa Opuliensis) who was buried there around 13 September 1286.[2] Her parentage is also unknown, but her name suggests a Russian origin, probably member of the Rurikids.[3] Her title suggests that she maybe was the wife of Mieszko I or the first wife of Bolko I (Mieszko I's brother), or maybe a different person. Mieszko I
Euphemia of Masovia
Trojden I of Masovia
1310 1321/24 by 29 September 1358
husband's death
after 11 January 1374 Casimir I
Elisabeth of Bytom
Bolesław of Bytom
1347/50 1360/63 1374 Przemyslaus I Noszak
Euphemia of Masovia
Siemowit IV, Duke of Masovia
1395/98 20 November 1412 before 17 September 1447 Boleslaus I
Elisabeth of Brandenburg
Frederick I, Elector of Brandenburg
1 May/29 September 1403 17 February 1439 31 October 1449 Wenceslaus I
Anna of Masovia
Bolesław IV of Warsaw
1446/50 1460/68 11/18 March 1477
husband's death
by 14 September 1480 Przemyslaus II
Znak města Poděbrady.gif Johanna of Poděbrady
Wiktoryn of Poděbrady, Duke of Opava
1463 by 15 February 1480 24 July 1496 Casimir II
Anna of Brandenburg-Ansbach Frederick I, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach
5 May 1487 1 December 1518 17 November 1524
husband's death
7 February 1539 Wenceslaus II
Seisenegger Mary of Pernstein (detail) 01.jpg Maria of Pernštejn Jan of Pernštejn 24 February 1524 8 February 1540 19 November 1566 Wenceslaus III Adam
Sidonia Katharina of Saxe-Lauenburg Francis I, Duke of Saxe-Lauenburg
- 25 November 1567 4 November 1579
husband's death
July 1594
Elisabeth Kettler of Courland Gotthard Kettler, Duke of Courland
- 17 September 1595 19 November 1601 Adam Wenceslaus

House of Habsburg, 1653–1722[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Duchess Ceased to be Duchess Death Spouse
Frans Luycx - Eleonora Gonzaga as Diana, Holy Empress, 3rd wife of Ferdinand III.jpg Eleanor Gonzaga Charles II Gonzaga
18 November 1630 30 April 1651 9 July 1654
husband's accession
2 April 1657
husband's death
6 December 1686 Ferdinand I
Margarita Teresa of Spain.jpg Margarita Teresa of Spain Philip IV of Spain
12 July 1651 12 December 1666 12 March 1673 Leopold I
Dolci Claudia Felicita.jpg Claudia Felicitas of Austria Ferdinand Charles, Archduke of Further Austria
30 May 1653 15 October 1673 8 April 1676
Eleonore of Pfalz Neuburg.jpg Eleonor Magdalene of the Palatinate-Neuburg Philipp Wilhelm, Elector Palatine
6 January 1655 14 December 1676 5 May 1705
husband's death
19 January 1720
Amalia Wilhelmine von Braunschweig.jpg Wilhelmina Amalia of Brunswick John Frederick, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
21 April 1673 24 February 1699 5 May 1705
husband's ascension
17 April 1711
husband's death
10 April 1742 Joseph I
Elisabeth Christine of Braunschweig Wolfenbuettel.jpg Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel Louis Rudolph, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
28 August 1691 1 August 1708 17 April 1711
husband's ascension
Passed to Lorraine
21 December 1750 Charles I

House of Lorraine, 1722–1765[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Duchess Ceased to be Duchess Death Spouse
Gobert, workshop of - Élisabeth Charlotte d'Orléans - Versailles, MV3690.jpg Élisabeth Charlotte d'Orléans Philippe I, Duke of Orléans
13 September 1676 13 October 1698 1722
husband's accession
27 March 1729
husband's death
23 December 1744 Leopold I
J C Stauder Maria Theresia VLM.jpg Maria Theresa of Austria Charles VII, Holy Roman Emperor
13 May 1717 12 February 1736 18 August 1765
husband's death
29 November 1780 Francis I

House of Habsburg-Lorraine, 1765–1918[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Duchess Ceased to be Duchess Death Spouse
Maria Josepha von Bayern.jpg Maria Josepha of Bavaria Charles VII, Holy Roman Emperor
30 March 1739 23 January 1765 18 August 1765
husband's accession
7/8 April 1766
Title passed to sister-in-law
28 May 1767 Joseph II
Meister der Erzherzoginnenportraits 001.jpg Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria,
Suo jure
Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor
13 May 1742 7/8 April 1766 24 June 1798 Albert I
Henriette Alexandrine Nassau Weilburg 1797 1829.jpg Princess Henrietta of Nassau-Weilburg Frederick William, Prince of Nassau-Weilburg
30 October 1797 15/17 September 1815 10 February 1822
husband's accession
29 December 1829 Charles II
HildegardBayern.jpg Princess Hildegard of Bavaria Louis I of Bavaria
10 June 1825 1 May 1844 30 April 1847
husband's accession
2 April 1864 Albert II
Princess Isabella of Croÿ.jpg Princess Isabella of Croÿ Rudolf, Duke of Croÿ
27 February 1856 8 October 1878 18 February 1895
husband's accession
Monarchy abolished
5 September 1931 Frederick

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