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Duchess of Palma de Mallorca (Catalan: Ducat de Palma de Mallorca, Spanish: Duquesa de Palma de Mallorca) was a noble title granted for life by King Juan Carlos I of Spain to his daughter, The Infanta Cristina, on 26 September 1997 on the occasion of her forthcoming marriage to Iñaki Urdangarin. Cristina was stripped of her Dukedom by King Felipe VI, her younger brother, on 11 June 2015, due to a corruption inquiry, and the Dukedom was merged again in the Spanish Crown.[1]

Dukes of Palma de Mallorca[edit]


  • The right to the use of the title only was granted to Doña Cristina; it was a Royal House title, not a noble hereditary common title.

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