Duchess of Rohan-Rohan

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Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Duchess Ceased to be Duchess Death Spouse
Anne Geneviève de Lévis par Nicolas de Largillière.jpg Anne Geneviève de Lévis[1] Louis Charles de Lévis
February 1673 15 February 1694 14 December 1714
Dukedom created for her husband
20 March 1727 Hercule Mériadec,
Prince of Soubise,
Duke of Rohan-Rohan
Jean-Marc Nattier, Princesse de Rohan (1741).jpg Marie Sophie de Courcillon Philippe Egon de Courcillon
6 Aug 1713 2 Sep 1732 26 January 1749
husband's death
4 April 1756
Blason ville fr Melun (SeineMarne).png Anne Julie de Melun Louis de Melun, Prince of Epinoy
1698 16 September 1714 6 May 1724
husband's death
18 May 1724 Jules, Prince of Soubise
Armoiries de la Tour d'Auvergne-Turenne.svg Anne Marie Louise de La Tour d'Auvergne Emmanuel Théodose de La Tour d'Auvergne
(La Tour d'Auvergne)
1 August 1722 29 December 1734 19 September 1739 Charles, Prince of Soubise
Anna Teresa di Savoia, Principessa di Soubise.jpg Anne Thérèse of Savoy Victor Amadeus I, Prince of Carignan
1 November 1717 6 November 1741 5 April 1745
Coa fam DEU hessen rotenburg.jpg Landgravine Viktoria of Hesse-Rotenburg Joseph, Hereditary Prince of Hesse-Rotenburg
25 February 1728 23 December 1745 4 July 1787husband's death 1 July 1792

References and notes[edit]

  1. ^ did not use the title, was styled Princess of Maubuisson from 1694 and Duchess of Rohan-Rohan from 1714
  2. ^ Velde, François. "French principalities". Hereldica.org. Retrieved 2010-04-07.