Duchifat Battalion

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94th Battalion, "Duchifat" (Hoopoe)
Active 1984–Present
Country  Israel
Allegiance IDF
Branch Army
Type Infantry
Role Infantry, Counter-Terrorism
Size Battalion
Part of Kfir Brigade, 162nd Division
Colors Spotted beret, camouflage and white striped flag (Until 2006: black beret, red and white flag)
Equipment M16, M4, M203, Negev, MAG, M2, M113
Engagements First Intifada, Second Intifada, Operation Defensive Shield
Current commander Lt.-Col. Raz Sarig

The 94th Battalion, known as "Duchifat" (Hoopoe), is a battalion in the Kfir Brigade of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).


The 94th Battalion was established in 1984 as an anti-tank unit. With its establishment, the quality of professional training was higher than regular infantry, the battalion's recruits had all infantry basic training in the Paratroopers training base, antitank warfare, navigation and advanced infantry training.

From 1984 to 2006, the battalion soldiers wore red shoes – symbolizing their affiliation with the paratroopers – and at the same time, a black beret – as part of an armoured division – with an infantry pin. The unit's flag was similar to the paratroopers' flag – red and white.