Duck rice

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Duck rice
Roast duck rice in Singapore.jpg
Roast duck rice served at a Kopi tiam in Singapore
Region or state China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand
Main ingredients Duck, maltose or honey, rice vinegar, rice
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Duck rice (simplified Chinese: 鸭饭; traditional Chinese: 鴨飯; pinyin: yā fàn) is a meat dish usually consumed by the chinese community, made of either braised or roasted duck and plain white rice. The braised duck is usually cooked with yam and shrimps; it can be served simply with plain white rice and a thick dark sauce; side dishes of braised hard-boiled eggs, preserved salted vegetables, or hard beancurd may be added. In addition, Teochew boneless duck rice is a similar, but a more refined dish; due to the slightly tougher texture of duck, the duck is artfully deboned and sliced thinly for the convenience and ease of the diner, allowing the sauces to seep into the meat, making it a more pleasant experience on the whole; Hainanese chicken rice and other similar dishes have followed this style due to the popularity.

This dish can commonly be found in food centers all around Singapore.

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