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The American animated television series DuckTales (1987-1990) has given rise to a variety of marketed goods, beginning with the broadcasts in the 1980s. These include video cassettes and DVDs of the original episodes, video games and toys with a DuckTales theme, and books, including comic books. Some are still being brought out in the 2010s, with a reboot animated series airing in 2017 and receiving its own merchandise.

Home video releases[edit]

VHS releases[edit]

US releases[edit]

Ten VHS cassettes containing 20 episodes of the series were released in the United States.

VHS Name Episode Titles Release Date
Daredevil Ducks "The Money Vanishes" & "Home Sweet Homer" October 4, 1988
High-Flying Hero "Hero for Hire" & "Launchpad's Civil War" October 4, 1988
Fearless Fortune Hunter "Earth Quack" & "Master of the Djinni" October 4, 1988
Accidental Adventurers "Jungle Duck" & "Maid of the Myth" October 4, 1988
Seafaring Sailors "Sphinx for the Memories" & "All Ducks on Deck" September 28, 1989
Masked Marauders "Send in the Clones" & "Time Teasers" September 28, 1989
Duck to the Future "Duck to the Future" & "Sir Gyro de Gearloose" September 28, 1989
Lost World Wanderers "Dinosaur Ducks" & "The Curse of Castle McDuck" September 28, 1989
Raiders of the Lost Harp "Raiders of the Lost Harp" & "Pearl of Wisdom" August 14, 1990
Space Invaders "Where No Duck Has Gone Before" & "Micro Ducks from Outer Space" August 14, 1990

In October 5, 1993 Disney released a VHS containing Halloween specials, for the upcoming holiday season. The specials it featured were from the company’s four arguably most popular series at the time, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, DuckTales and Goof Troop.

The DuckTales episode "Ducky Horror Picture Show" was released together with the Goof Troop episode "Frankengoof" on one VHS cassette as a special release called Monster Bash.[1]

UK, Australia and New Zealand releases[edit]

Ten VHS cassettes containing 23 episodes of the series were released in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.[2]

VHS Name Episode Titles Release Date
DuckTales (Volume 1): Earthquack "Earth Quack" & "Back to the Klondike" September 11, 1992
DuckTales (Volume 2): Micro Ducks from Outer Space "Micro Ducks from Outer Space" & "Scrooge's Pet" September 11, 1992
DuckTales (Volume 3): The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan "The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan" & "The Money Vanishes" September 11, 1992
DuckTales (Volume 4): 1001 Arabian Ducks "Master of the Djinni" & "Merit-Time Adventure" September 11, 1992
DuckTales (Volume 5): High Sea Adventures "Maid of the Myth" & "Send in the Clones" September 11, 1992
DuckTales (Volume 6): Hotel Strangeduck "Hotel Strangeduck" & "Superdoo!" September 11, 1992
DuckTales (Volume 7): Fool of the Nile "Sphinx for the Memories", "Top Duck" & "Much Ado About Scrooge" September 10, 1993
DuckTales (Volume 8): Little Duckaroos "Magicia's Shadow War", "Ducks of the West" & "Sir Gyro De Gearloose" September 10, 1993
DuckTales (Volume 9): Jailhouse Duck "Where No Duck Has Gone Before", "Duckman of Aquatraz" & "Home Sweet Homer" September 10, 1993
DuckTales (Volume 10): Runaway Robots "Robot Robbers" & "The Curse of Castle McDuck"[3] September 10, 1993

DVD releases[edit]

US (Region 1)[edit]

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has released some of the series on DVD; three volumes have been released in Region 1 thus far featuring the first 75 episodes of the series. The first was released on November 8, 2005 (containing episodes 1-27), the second on November 14, 2006 (containing episodes 28-51) and the third volume on November 13, 2007 (containing episodes 52-75).[4][5][6] The sets were package in a box containing 3 slipcases, one for each disc. There is currently no word on a fourth and final DVD release containing the final 25 episodes.

The episodes are in the order that they originally aired (except for the five-part serial "Treasure of the Golden Suns," placed at the beginning of Volume 2). None of the DVD sets contain any special features.

DVD Name Ep # Release date
DuckTales: Volume 1 27 November 8, 2005
DuckTales: Volume 2 24 November 14, 2006
DuckTales: Volume 3 24 November 13, 2007

International (Region 2)[edit]

In the United Kingdom, Disney released one Region 2 volume in 2007, titled DuckTales First Collection.[7] Despite the set being similar to the US version, the DVD contained only 20 episodes, while having 5 language tracks: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Other regional versions were distributed to other countries, but only going up to episode #20. On November 12, 2012, the UK received two further releases of Collection 2 and Collection 3, being a Region version of the 2nd and 3rd volumes from the US. Unlike the first release, these 3-disc sets include a Fastplay mode, and only four language tracks: English, Dutch, German and French, but subtitles have not been added.[8]

There are currently no plans to release the rest of the series, or the seven episodes missing between the first two sets.

DVD Name Ep # Release date Language
Walt Disney's Ducktales, First Collection 20 February 12, 2007 English, French, German, Spanish and Italian
Walt Disney's Ducktales - 2nd Collection 24 November 12, 2012 English, Dutch, German and French
Walt Disney's Ducktales - 3rd Collection 24 November 12, 2012 English, Dutch, German and French

Video games[edit]

Title Details

Original release date(s):
  • JP: January 26, 1990 (1990-01-26)
  • NA: September 1989
  • EU: December 14, 1990 (1990-12-14)
Release years by system:
1989 – Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy

Original release date(s):
Release years by system:
1990 - Amiga, Apple II, Commodore 64, DOS, Windows, Mac OS 8

Original release date(s):
Release years by system:
1990 – Tiger Electronics

Original release date(s):
  • JP: April 23, 1993 (1993-04-23)
  • NA: June 1993
  • EU: 1993 (1993)
Release years by system:
1993 – Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy

Original release date(s):
Release years by system:
2011? - Mobile Phones

Original release date(s):
Release years by system:
2013 – iOS, Android

Original release date(s):
Release years by system:
2013 – PlayStation Network, Nintendo eShop, Steam, Xbox Live Arcade


  • The Hunt for the Giant Pearl (Little Golden Book) - 1987
  • Welcome to Duckburg - 1987 (with audio cassette)
  • Launchpad's Daring Raid - 1987 (with audio cassette)
  • Silver Dollars for Uncle Scrooge (Golden Tell-A-Tale Book) - 1988
  • Disney's DuckTales: The Secret City Under the Sea (A Little Golden Book) - 1988
  • Webby Saves the Day (Disney's Duck Tales) (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading) - 1989
  • Disney's Duck Tales: The Great Lost Treasure Hunt (Golden Look-Look Book) - Jun 1989
  • Scrooge McDuck and the Big Surprise (Golden Easy Reader Level 2) - 1990
  • Masters of the Genie and Send in the Clones (Duck Tales) by Disney Staff - Feb 1990
  • Back to the Klondike and Superdoo! (Duck Tales) by (Disney Staff) - Feb 1990
  • Sweet Duck of Youth and Double-O-Duck (Duck Tales) by (Walt Disney Company) - Mar 1990
  • Sphinx for the Memories and Sir Gyro Gearloose (Duck Tales) by (Disney Staff) - Apr 1990
  • Disney's Duck Tales: Down the Drain (Golden Look-Look Book) - 1990
  • Ducktales: Christmas at the North Pole (Grolier Enterprises, Inc.) - 1997
  • DuckTales: Solving Mysteries and Rewriting History! by Rob Renzetti and Rachel Vine (Disney Press) – 2018

Comic books[edit]

  • Ducktales - (Gladstone) July 1988 to May 1990
  • DuckTales - (Disney) June 1990 to November 1991
  • Disney's Colossal Comics Collection - (Disney) October 1991 to April 1993
  • Disney Presents Carl Barks' Greatest DuckTales Stories - (Gemstone) May to July 2006
  • Uncle Scrooge #392 - 399 (Boom! Studios) June 2010 - January 2011
  • Ducktales - (Boom! Studios) February 2011
  • DuckTales - (IDW Publishing) July 2017 - present


  • DuckTales T-Shirt (Disney Store) 2017
  • DuckTales Hoodies (Disney Store) 2017

Party Supplies[edit]

  • Valentine's day Cards - DuckTales (Disney) - 1987
  • DuckTales (Party Supplies) - 1988
  • DuckTales - 5 Party Candles (by Unique) - 1989

House Stuffs[edit]

  • DuckTales Mugs (Disney Store) 2017

Pinbacks, bobbles, and lunchboxes[edit]

  • Disney's DuckTales - Pencil Case Pouch Vintage (by Walt Disney) - 1990
  • Disney's DuckTales - Plastic Thermos Vintage (by Aladdin) - 1990
  • Disney's Duck Tales - Lunch Box with Thermos (by Aladdin) - 1990


  • Disney Afternoon (Pin Versions):
    • Pin 4527: Webbigail Vanderquack (Webby) by DLRP (1987)
    • Pin 18196: Duck Tales: Huey, Dewey, Louie, & Webigail (1987)
    • Pin 19665: Duck Tales (Scrooge & Nephews) (1987)
    • Pin 32666: DuckTales: Set of 8 Puffy Pins (1987)
    • Pin 72417: Ducktales & Rescue Rangers by Button (1989-1991)
    • Pin 13823: Disney Afternoon with Baloo, Scrooge, Cubbi, Chip 'n' Dale (1990)
    • Pin 17447: Disney Afternoon Button (1990)
    • Pin 17597 Disney Afternoon Live! Button (1991)
    • Pin 39275: Disney Afternoon Avenue Opens (Spinner) by Magical Milestones (1991)
    • Pin 91451: Walt Disney's World On Ice Afternoon Button (1991)
    • Pin 92571: Disney Afternoon Mystery Set (2012)
    • Pin 125776: Disney XD's Ducktales (Reboot) by Button (2017)



  • Applause releasing as Figurines as DuckTales


  • 3D Puzzles as Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales (in Piece Plastic Puzzle) from Disney Store
  • McDonald's release as Happy Meals, one of the Toy Set from Disney's DuckTales
  • Simba releasing one of the Plush Doll based from Disney's DuckTales


  • Golden release a Magic Plate Plus as DuckTales
  • Walt Disney release a Beagle Boy with his Truck/Vehicle from DuckTales


  • Two DuckTales 3D Puzzles (Louie and Launchpad McQuack) by Arco/Mattel
  • McDonald's release as Happy Meals, one of the Binocular from Disney's DuckTales
  • McDonald's release as Happy Meals, one of the Camera Light Vintage from Disney's DuckTales


  • Colorfroms releasing the Adventure Set on Disney's DuckTales
  • Ducktales was as part of Disney Afternoon Figures from Kellogg's Cereals.


  • In 1993, Sonrics releasing as Sonric's Meal, an Figurines basing on Disney characters, including a DuckTales (9 Differents Toys).


  • In March of 1996, Sonrics releasing an figurines basing on Disney characters calling Splashers, including for DuckTales (7 Differents Toys).


  • Vinylmation releasing on figures based on Disney Afternoon series, including by DuckTales as Scrooge McDuck, Launchpad McQuack and Fenton Crackshell.


  • Grand Jester Studios releases a new busts an Disney Afternoon characters, as DuckTales and Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers.


  • Monogram releasing a 3D Foam Key Chain collection with the unboxing of a new blind bag assortment: Duck Tales
  • Funko releasing was Pop Vinyl basing a DuckTales: Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Magica de Spell and Webby
  • DuckTales it is part from Disney Afternoon by Funko's Mystery Minis.


  • Disney Store Europe, releases a DuckTales plush as, Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby.


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