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The Duckster is an in-house award given by The Walt Disney Company for a variety of reasons, including service to the company as well as to the community as a whole. The award was first presented by Disney founder Walt Disney.[1]

Susan Henning (Hayley Mills' body double for The Parent Trap) was presented with a Duckster by Walt Disney inscribed for "Best Unseen Performance by an Actress".[2]

Disney storyman and director Jack Hannah at some point obtained one of the unawarded extra statues from the studio; it was auctioned in 2005 for $4,813.[3] That same year Martha Torge's Duckster was auctioned for $5,701.[4]

In 2009 a Duckster was awarded at the D23 Expo to the winner of a contest to create the official portrait of Donald Duck for his 75th birthday.[5]

Origin of the word[edit]

"Duckster" is a combination of the words "Oscar" and "Duck" (as in Donald Duck).

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