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Ductape Records

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Ductape Records
FounderZach Feldberg
Country of originCanada
LocationToronto, Ontario, Canada
Official websitehttp://www.ductape.org

Ductape Records is a Toronto-based independent record label that was spawned from a magazine of the same name in 1997. The label's website was updated in 2007, stating that it was "on hiatus indefinitely, but some catalogue items are still available".[1] Previously, it had not been updated since 2003. It is unclear whether or not it still exists as a functioning company, as the label was always known for its sporadic release schedule. Founder Zach Feldberg also hosted an online radio show under the name Ductape.

Some of the bands on the label have gone on to greater prominence, including The Meligrove Band and The Carnations, from which Thomas D'Arcy would later form Small Sins.

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Ductape is distributed by Sonic Unyon Distribution and Universal Music Canada.

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