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Founded 2009
Founder Amir Glatt
Itai Sadan
Headquarters Palo Alto, California
Area served
Products Mobile-friendly, responsive website design platforms
Website Builder
Website www.dudamobile.com

Duda (formerly DudaMobile) is a software suite for creating optimized multi-screen websites primarily for small and medium-sized businesses.[1][2][3] The company was founded in 2009 by Amir Glatt and Itai Sadan. Company headquarters are in Palo Alto, California.[4] A research and development office is located in Tel Aviv, Israel.[4][5]

Duda has partnered with companies such as Google, AT&T, Yahoo!, Intuit and OpenTable.[6][7][8][9][10]

Company history[edit]

Amir Glatt and Itai Sadan founded Duda in 2009.[2][4][6][8][11][12]

In 2011 the company made its self-service service available on its website, while still partnering with other companies.[4][13] In August 2011 DudaMobile launched a mobile-friendly version of its mobile website builder.[14]

In April 2012, as part of its “GoMo” initiative, Google announced that it would provide a free year of hosting to sites that optimize for the mobile web.[9][15] DudaMobile was Google’s partner in this offer, providing the DIY mobile website for the GoMo service.[9][10] Google also planned to offer free analytics as part of the deal. Since starting back in 2009, the company has released products, features and product updates. A reseller option was added to Duda in 2011, and its responsive website builder, along with a website personalization tool, was added in 2014.[15]


Duda received an investment of more than $2 million in angel funds in January, 2010.[4][13] The round was led by Oren Zeev with participation of additional investors such as Don Katz and Jeff Fluhr.[4] In March 2012, Pitango contributed $6 million as part of Series B funding.[4][13][16] Series C funding totaling $10.3 million was initiated in April 2013.[4]

Duda planned to use the Series B funding to enhance its marketing and engineering departments.[13] The company also planned to intensify its focus on small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs.[13]

Management Team[edit]

  • Itai Sadan, Chief Executive Officer, and co-founder. Former Director at SAP.
  • Amir Glatt, Chief Technology Officer, and co-founder.
  • Alan Keller, Chief Revenue Officer, joined April 2012. Former Vice President of Business Development at VerticalResponse
  • Jason Knaut, Chief Financial Officer. Jason previously served as VP Finance & Analytics for Realtor.com.

Products and services[edit]

Duda offers products and programs ranging from a mobile site builder to a reseller program.

Its flagship product is a responsive website builder, which allows users to create responsive websites using Duda’s drag-and-drop platform. This website builder has a website personalization tool built into the platform, along with other tools like a blogging platform and eCommerce. Duda also released a WordPress plugin called inSite, which is a website personalization tool you can use on a self-hosted WordPress powered site.

The DudaPro Website Reseller Program is a program aimed at agencies who create multiple sites. The reseller program allows these to signup and receive discounts on websites that they build.

The company also has a mobile site builder, which is separate from the responsive website builder. This product gives users the option to create a mobile version of their current website, without switching or changing platforms.[14][17] Users have the choice to either enter their desktop site’s URL to create its mobile version, or design a completely new site from scratch just for the mobile web with the use of a template.[3][17][18] The newly created mobile site can be modified with HTML and CSS, or through the use of a drag and drop editor.[3][17][19][20] Sites designed on the Duda platform or through a partner service are compatible with all smartphones.[3][18] Analytics tools are available and mobile sites automatically sync to their desktop counterparts.[3][4][13][18]


Duda has established partnerships with several companies, including Google, Yahoo!, AT&T, OpenTable, DreamHost, Homestead/Intuit, Logoworks by HP and Webs, Inc.[6][13][18][18]

GoDaddy.com launched its own mobile web optimization service in 2012 using Duda’s software.[7] Also in 2012, Google began its “GoMo” push, using the Duda software to help small and medium businesses make the move to mobile-friendly websites.[2][9][10][21] The partnership ended in March 2013. In late 2013 the company initiated a similar promotion with Yahoo!.[22]

OpenTable, a reservation service for restaurants, announced a partnership with Duda in the fall of 2012.[6] Through the partnership, Duda would provide mobile optimization for around 25,000 member restaurants.[23]


Best Small and Medium Business Service of the Year - Best in Biz Awards[24]

Best Technology Breakthrough - Mobile Excellence Awards[25]

Best Interactive Services Mobile Website - Mobile Web Awards[26]

Best Mobile Design Tool - Website Magazine[27]

Best Mobile Website Builder - TopTenREVIEWS[28]

OnMobile 50 Companies To Watch - AlwaysOn[29]

Global 250 Top Private Companies to Watch - AlwaysOn[30]

Social Responsibility/Emerging Markets (Runner-Up) - Mobile Merit Awards 2013[31]

Silver Award (Mobile Websites - Business) - W3 Awards/International Academy of the Visual Arts[32]

Best New Monetizing Solution - 2013 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Awards [33]

Best Web Tool - Web Hosting Search[34]


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