Duddingston Loch

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Duddingston Loch
Duddingston Loch, Holyrood Park - geograph.org.uk - 925129.jpg
View of the loch
Coordinates55°56′N 3°09′W / 55.94°N 3.15°W / 55.94; -3.15Coordinates: 55°56′N 3°09′W / 55.94°N 3.15°W / 55.94; -3.15
TypeFreshwater pond
Primary outflowsBraid Burn
Catchment areaArthur's Seat
Basin countriesScotland
Max. depth3 metres (9.8 ft)

Duddingston Loch is a loch located in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, Scotland, below Arthur's Seat.[1] It is part of a nature reserve, being important for wildfowl, herons and the great crested grebe, as well as swans and ducks. It is the only natural loch in Edinburgh, and the largest in Holyrood Park.[2][3]

Skating on Duddingston Loch, 1900

Henry Raeburn's famous painting The Skating Minister is set on Duddingston Loch.[4] The loch used to be a popular venue for skaters, with the Edinburgh Skating Club meeting there, but is now rarely sufficiently iced.[1]

There are carp in the loch, allegedly reaching up to 20 pounds (9.1 kg) in size, as well as populations of roach, perch and pike.[5][6]

In 1778, a hoard of fifty-three Late Bronze Age weapons was dredged from the loch; it is now held by the National Museum of Scotland.[1]


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