Dude, You Need to Stop Dancing

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Cover of the Dude, You Need to Stop Dancing DVD by Boys Night Out

Dude, You Need to Stop Dancing is a DVD release from rock band, Boys Night Out. The DVD has three different sections. The first shows the band's two videos up until that point. The second section is a mockumentary about the band breaking up. The final section is a live show filmed on March 10, 2006 at the Opera House in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Music videos[edit]


Dude, You Need to Stop Dancing features a fictional story about the band growing tired of one another while on tour. Tensions build, and eventually the band decides to call it quits. Most of the mockumentary focuses on members Connor Lovat-Fraser (lead vocals), Jeff Davis (lead guitar), Brian Southall (drums) and Dave Costa (bass) and how much they dislike each other. Keyboard player and vocalist Kara Dupuy was in the band at the time, but doesn't feature in the mockumentary. Most of the action surrounds the band as they prepare to play their last shows.

Towards the end, Connor starts a music project, called Skittlebrau, which is a reference to The Simpsons.

The mockumentary was created by Simon Bruyn, Matt Unsworth and Boys Night Out.

The film has gained a small cult following overseas because of its similarity to The Office and This is Spinal Tap.

Live Show[edit]

The footage used in the DVD was shot live from a tour stop in Toronto on March 10, 2006 at the Opera House. The tour was to promote Trainwreck, but the band also played some of their older songs.

The show was filmed by Simon Bruyn, Matt Unsworth and Cody Finney. Live audio was done by Simon Head.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Dreaming"
  2. "Waking"
  3. "Medicating"
  4. "Purging"
  5. "Hold on Tightly, Let Go Lightly"
  6. "The First Time it Shouldn't Taste Like Blood"
  7. "Relapsing"
  8. "Composing"
  9. "Healing"
  10. "Dying"
  11. "Where We Breathe"
  12. "I Got Punched in the Nose for Sticking My Face in Other People's Business"

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