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Dude Products
IndustryConsumer packaged goods
FoundersSean Riley; Brian Wilkin; Ryan Meegan; Jeff Klimkowski
WebsiteDude Products

Dude Wipes are disposable wipe product manufactured by Dude Products, a personal care brand based in Chicago.[1] Dude Wipes was launched in 2012 and received the 2013 Visionary Award at the Vision 2013 Consumer Products Conference.[2][3]


Dude Wipes were invented by founders and childhood friends Sean Riley, Brian Wilkin, Ryan Meegan, and Jeff Klimkowski from their apartment in Chicago, Illinois in 2010.[4][5][6] It was marketed as a flushable personal wipe specifically for men, as an alternative to traditional baby wipes.[1]

The product became available to consumers in retail stores and online in 2012, and are now available in Kroger, Target, Meijer, Ralphs, and Bass Pro Shops nationwide.[7]

In 2015, the founders of Dude Products appeared on ABC reality television program Shark Tank, and secured a $300,000 investment from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban for a 25% stake in the company.[8][9][4]

In 2018, Dude Products were selected by Walmart for nationwide distribution as part of their Made in the USA program, which pledges to source $250 billion in US-made products by 2023.[6][10][11]


During UFC 174, Dude Wipes trended worldwide on Twitter after sponsoring fighter Tyron Woodley, with their logo appearing on his trunks.[12] Dude Products also sponsored UFC Fighter Justine Kish after she lost control of her bowels in the ring during a choke hold.[13]

In 2015, Dude Wipes were featured on an episode of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory.[14][1][15]

In 2016, signs for Dude Wipes appeared numerous times during Fox's broadcast of the 2016 World Series at Wrigley Field as part of a guerrilla marketing campaign.[16]

After Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Archie Bradley revealed in an interview that he had a bowel accident while pitching during a game, Dude Products sent him a shipment of Dude Wipes, which Bradley shared on social media and subsequently went viral.[17]

Dude Wipes in 2018 began sponsoring Matt DiBenedetto and the 32 Go Fas Racing team in NASCAR beginning at Pocono in July.[18]

In October 2018, Dude Wipes struck an endorsement deal with New York Jets running back Isaiah Crowell after Crowell celebrated a touchdown against the Cleveland Browns by pretending to wipe his behind with the football.[19]


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