Dudley–Winthrop family

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The Dudley–Winthrop family is an American political family.


Thomas Dudley[edit]

Joseph Dudley[edit]

Paul Dudley[edit]

  • Born: September 3, 1675
  • Son of Joseph Dudley
  • Grandson of Thomas Dudley
  • Political positions: Attorney-General of Massachusetts (1702–1718)
  • Died: January 25, 1751

Simon Bradstreet[edit]

Thomas Lindall Winthrop[edit]

Robert Charles Winthrop[edit]

John Winthrop[edit]

John Winthrop, the Younger[edit]

Wait Still Winthrop[edit]

Fitz-John Winthrop[edit]

  • Born: March 14, 1637/8, Ipswich, Massachusetts
  • Son of John Winthrop Jr.
  • Grandson of John Winthrop
  • Brother Wait Still Winthrop
  • Elected positions: Governor, Colony of Connecticut, 1698–1707
  • Died: November 27, 1707[1]
  • Buried: King's Chapel Burying Ground in Boston, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Fones Winthrop Feake Hallet[edit]

Andrew Wiggin (judge)[edit]

James Bowdoin[edit]

James Bowdoin III[edit]

Jeremiah Mason[edit]

Jacob Blackwell[edit]

  • Born: 20 Nov 1717, NY
  • 5th great grandfather of John Forbes Kerry
  • Political position: Representative to New York Provincial Congress 1774
  • Proprietor of Blackwell's Island 1744-1780
  • Died: 23 Oct. 1780 Newtown, Queens, NY

John Forbes Kerry[edit]

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.[edit]

Benjamin Franklin Wade[edit]

Schuyler Colfax[edit]

Schuyler Colfax III[edit]

Oliver Partridge[edit]

  • Born: June 13, 1712 Hatfield, MA
  • Massachusetts representative to the Albany Congress 1754; Stamp Act Congress of 1765
  • Great grandson of Simon Bradstreet
  • Great great grandson of Thomas Dudley

Edward Partridge Jr.[edit]

Dudley Leavitt Pickman[edit]

Michael O. Leavitt[edit]

Frederick J. Polsky[edit]

Robert Todd Giffin[edit]


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