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Dudley Fisher's Right Around Home (February 5, 1939). To read this strip at the proper resolution, go to Animation Resources.

Dudley Fisher (1890 – July 10, 1951) was a syndicated newspaper cartoonist, best known for his character Myrtle who was introduced in his Sunday page, Right Around Home, distributed by King Features Syndicate under various titles from 1937 to 1964. Fisher drew Right Around Home until his death on October 6, 1951, after which his assistant, Bob Vittur, managed the strip with assistance from King Features’ bullpen stalwart Stan Randal until its end on May 2, 1965.[1]

Born in Columbus, Ohio, Fisher was studying to be an architect at Ohio State University when he dropped out to work as a newspaper layout artist at The Columbus Dispatch.

Comic strips[edit]

After serving in an aerial photography unit during World War I, he returned in 1919 to Columbus and the Dispatch, where he created the two-color daily panel Jolly Jingles (1924–37). In 1937, tired of devising the Jolly Jingles rhymes, he created Right Around Home depicting a suburban family. He immediately attracted attention with the experimental concept of an elevated down-angle view showing numerous characters in a large single panel filling an entire Sunday page.[2]

Five years later, King Features asked Fisher to do a daily version of Right Around Home in a conventional comic strip format, and Myrtle began in 1942. Fisher worked for the Columbus Dispatch and on his two newspaper strips until his death in 1951.

Bob Vittur stepped in to draw Right Around Home through 1952, when it was retitled Right Around Home with Myrtle. It continued under that title until 1964.[3]


Right Around Home was reprinted in the first issue (December 2011) of Russ Cochran's The Sunday Funnies.



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