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Bishop of Wells
Appointed 1033
Term ended 18 January 1060
Predecessor Merewith
Successor Gisa
Other posts royal chaplain
Personal details
Died 18 January 1060

Duduc (or Dudoc) was a medieval Bishop of Wells.


Dudoc was a native of Lorraine[1] or of Saxony.[2] He was a priest for Cnut before being named Bishop of Wells[3] by Cnut in 1033.[4] He was consecrated 11 June 1033.[5]

King Edward the Confessor sent Dudoc along with two abbots to Rheims in 1049 on a diplomatic mission,[6] where he attended the Council of Reims held by Pope Leo IX.[7]

Dudoc died on 18 January 1060.[5] He left his estates and vestments to his church, but the will was invalidated by King Edward,[2] partly at the request of Archbiship Stigand, who received one of the estates instead.[8]


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