Dudu Mntowaziwayo Ndlovu

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Dudu Mntowaziwayo Ndlovu (25 December 1957 – 4 May 1992), popularly known as Dudu Zulu, was a Zulu dancer, percussionist, and singer with the South African bands Juluka and (later) Savuka.[1] Ndlovu danced alongside his bandmate Johnny Clegg for many years, both on-stage and on the streets of Soweto and Jeppestown.[citation needed]

In May 1992, while walking to his home in Esiphongweni from a neighbour's house, Dudu was fatally shot at close range.[2] The attack took place on a dusty track near Greytown in KwaZuluNatal.[citation needed] It's uncertain whether Ndlovu was targeted, or if he was mistaken for someone else. Other citizens had been shot "in error" in a local taxi war.[1]

The following year, Johnny Clegg and Savuka recorded a final album together: Heat, Dust and Dreams. Clegg dedicated the music video for "The Crossing (Osiyeza)", a song from the album, to Ndlovu.


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