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DuelJewel - JRR 2007.jpg
Background information
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Years active 1997–2016
Labels Cyber Force, Zero Range, Universal, Sword Records, DropC#, Maru Music (US), Gan-Shin (EU)
Website dueljewel.jp
Past members Hayato

DuelJewel (デュエルジュエル) was a Japanese visual kei rock band formed in January 1997.


DuelJewel began in 1997; during their early beginnings they released several demos.[1] The vocalist Hayato joined in 1997, left, and returned in 1999.[1] The band released their first album in 2001 and Natsuki joined in 2002 when Ka-non left the band.[1] They performed at A-Kon (an anime convention) in Dallas, Texas in 2002, which was their first international concert.[1] They returned to the United States, playing in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Anaheim, San Jose, and Houston through the rest of the year and into 2003.[2]

The band continued to tour in Japan, gaining a larger fanbase, and in May 2007, the band performed at the sold-out two-day JRock Revolution concert held in Los Angeles, CA.[3] On July 11, 2007, they released their first single on Universal, "Es."[4]

They played in the V-Rock Festival alongside many other bands.[5]

In 2010 DuelJewel became signed by Maru Music and Gan-Shin and released a USA and European exclusive album entitled "We Will Melt You" on September 17, 2010.[6]


  • Hayato (隼人) - vocals
  • Shun - guitar, backup vocals
  • Yuya (祐弥) - guitar
  • Natsuki - bass
  • Val (ばる) - drums
    • Val changed his stagename to Baru (ばる) in 2004.[7] However, he still introduces himself as Val in English-speaking countries.[8]

Past members[edit]

  • Psy - bass (January 1997 - July 1998)
  • Takashi - guitar (June 1997 - March 1999)
  • ka-non - bass (January 1999 - December 2001)


When Shun and Val formed DuelJewel, they had narrowed the possibilities for name to two. Unable to choose between them, they combined them into DuelJewel. Fans have speculated on the meaning of the band's name, but in an interview with JaME in 2007, Val stated that there was none.[8]



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