Duel (2004 film)

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Duel Iranian film.jpg
Directed by Ahmad Reza Darvish
Produced by Taghi Aligholizadeh
Written by Ramin Mebdy
Starring Saeed Rad
Pejman Bazeghi
Parivash Nazarieh
Parviz Parastui
Hedieh Tehrani
Anoushirvan Arjmand
Kambiz Dirbaz
Abolfazl Shah Karam
Music by Majid Entezami
Edited by Mostafa Kherghehpoosh
Distributed by Tamasha Cultural Institute
Release date
  • 6 July 2004 (2004-07-06)
Running time
137 minutes
Country Iran
Language Persian
Budget $6 million

Duel (Persian: دوئل‎‎) is a 2004 Iranian war drama film[1] [2] It was directed by Ahmad Reza Darvish, who was mostly known for films about the Iran-Iraq war. Duel was shot in roughly 11 months in various cities of Iran. The first screening was at the Fajr International Film Festival, in 2004, where it won 8 Crystal Simorgh Award. Also, it is the first Iranian Movie to use Dolby Digital Sound. is the Most expensive Movie Independent ever made in Iranian cinema history.


Zeinal, an Iranian soldier who has been a prisoner of war for more than 20 years, returns only to see that he has been deemed a traitor. The story revolves around Zeinal and Eskanadar who both are looking for a chest containing several important documents.


  • Pejman Bazeghi as Zeinal
  • Saeed Rad as Eskandar
  • Parivash Nazarieh as Salimeh
  • Parviz Parastui as Yusef
  • Hedieh Tehrani as Haniyeh
  • Kambiz Dirbaz as Yahya
  • Anoushirvan Arjmand as Latif
  • Abolfazl Shah Karam as Mansour
  • Vahid Rahbani as Ismaeel
  • Nasrin Seaghat
  • Hossein Saharkhiz
  • Mohammad Ranjbar
  • Ali Mardaneh
  • Mehdi Saki
  • Rahman Bagherian
  • Tooraj Faramarzian
  • Shirin Dejagah
  • Abdolhossein Tosheh
  • Hossein Afshar
  • Mohammad Afravi
  • Arash Sarban
  • Sudabeh Alipour
  • Ahmad Sarafraz
  • Hossein Majdzadeh
  • Abbas Asakereh


  • Variety: An invigorating men-in-war movie, with an almost "Three Kings"-like flavor, Iranian action-drama "The Duel" will come as a pleasant surprise to auds sated by either peasant dramas or arty, metaphorical fare from the region. Punchily directed by Ahmad Reza Darvish, with a real sense of the smoke, noise and chaos of battle, this smart, well-played drama deserves wider recognition through the festival circuit as an example of quality commercial cinema from Iran. Ethnic-centered webs should also take note.



Music duel movie made by Majid Entezami, is That Including 20 Track. Have a different Entezami Album vestigial with Kamancheh, Bagpipes, Horn, Trombone, Ney and Trumpet in Choir.

Track listing[edit]

Soundtrack album by Majid Entezami
Released 11 November 2009
Genre International
Length 54:55
Label Irangaam
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Esarat" Majid Entezami 5:46
2. "Meydan-e-Min" Majid Entezami 3:03
3. "Hojum" Majid Entezami 1:05
4. "Mehr" Majid Entezami 2:19
5. "Dagh-e-Nang" Majid Entezami 1:09
6. "Moghavemat" Majid Entezami 1:49
7. "Jashn-e-Rusta" Majid Entezami 4:06
8. "Arvand" Majid Entezami 2:59
9. "Nofuz" Majid Entezami 5:12
10. "Soghut" Majid Entezami 2:06
11. "Tufan" Majid Entezami 2:13
12. "Neshan-e-Eshgh" Majid Entezami 1:34
13. "Gharantineh" Majid Entezami 2:11
14. "Sandoghche" Majid Entezami 2:15
15. "Pishravi" Majid Entezami 2:36
16. "Bavar" Majid Entezami 3:39
17. "Zeinal" Majid Entezami 3:34
18. "Defa" Majid Entezami 2:59
19. "Didar" Majid Entezami 1:26
20. "Yadgar-e-Hanieh" Majid Entezami 2:54



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