Duel for Gold

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Duel for Gold
aka: Huo Bing
Duel for Gold DVD coverart.jpeg
Duel for Gold DVD coverart
Directed by Chor Yuen
Produced by Runme Shaw
Written by Ni Kuang
Cinematography Cho-Hua Wu
Edited by Hsing-Lung Chiang
Distributed by Shaw Brothers
Release date
Running time
100 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Mandarin

Duel for Gold (US: Huo bing ) is a 1971 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Chor Yuen and produced by Shaw Brothers Studio, starring Ivy Ling Po, Lo Lieh, Chin Han, Wang Ping, Tsung Hua and Chen Chun.[1][2] The screenplay was written by Ni Kuang.[3]


Six swordsmen, including two sisters and their husbands, a ranger and a security man, are after millions of taels of gold stored in a secure vault in Datong Prefecture, and betray and outwit each other during their quest.[4]

Two sister acrobats, Meng Yu Yieh (Ivy Ling Po) and Meng Yu Ying (Wang Ping), arrive in a town known to be rich in silver and gold. They do street performances and dangerous sword stunts until Yieh is apparently injured. In the emergency they are taken into the nearby treasury house. Chief treasury guard Wen (Richard Chan Chun) determines her injuries are fake and a fight ensues.


  • Chin Han as Master Shen / Meng Lung
  • Ivy Ling Po as Meng Yu Yen
  • Lieh Lo as 'Lone Shadow' Teng Chi Yan
  • Wang Ping as Meng Yu Ying
  • Richard Chan Chun as Wen Li Hsien / Wen San Hu
  • Mei Sheng Fan as 'Steward' Chiu
  • Siu Loi Chow as Chiu's cohort
  • Hua Chung as Hua Tieh Erh
  • Sai Gwa-Pau as Waiter
  • Chun Erh as Treasury Security Guard
  • Wei Lieh Lan as Treasury Security Guard
  • Hsiao Chung Li as Treasury Manager
  • Peng-Fei Li as Treasury Sargeant Chang
  • Han Lo as Treasury Proprietor
  • Fan Mei-Sheng as Qiu Fu
  • Lee Pang-Fei as Sergeant Chang
  • Chung Wa as Hua Dieh Er
  • Tong Tin-Hei as Steward Chiu's partner
  • Yeung Chak-Lam as Steward Chiu's partner
  • Wong Wai as Steward Chiu's partner
  • Lee Tin-Ying as Steward Chiu's partner
  • Law Hon as Bank boss
  • Lee Siu-Chung as Bank manager
  • Lau Kwan as Bank clerk
  • Little Unicorn as Bank Security Guard
  • Simon Chui Yee-Ang as Bank Security Guard
  • Yue Man-Wa as Bank Security Guard
  • Yee Kwan as Bank Security Guard
  • Lan Wei-Lieh as Bank Security Guard
  • Tony Lee Wan-Miu as Constable
  • Lam Siu as Constable
  • Wu Por as Constable
  • Kong Lung as Constable
  • Kwan Yan as Constable
  • Yue Hong as Waiter
  • Woo Wai as Waiter
  • Tsang Choh-Lam as Brothel worker
  • Kwok Chuk-Hing as Prostitute
  • Wong Kung-Miu as Servant
  • Chow Siu-Loi as Chou
  • Max Lee Chiu-Jun as Bank Security Guard
  • Hung Ling-Ling as Prostitute


The film's original Mandarin title was Huo bing, its Hong Kong Cantonese title was Fo ping and the working English language title Thieves Fall Out. After release the film's worldwide English subtitled version was titled Duel for Gold.



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