Duerna (river)

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Latin: Ornia
Duerna priaranza.jpg
Watershed of the Duerna at Priaranza de la Valduerna (Maragatería)
Country Spain
 - left Peces
 - right Espino, Llamas
Source Union of the streams Cabrito and Ballina
 - location Molinaferrera, Lucillo, Maragatería, León, Castile and León, Spain
 - elevation 1,120 m (3,675 ft)
Mouth Tuerto river
 - location Requejo de la Vega, Soto de la Vega, Tierra de La Bañeza, León, Castile and León, Spain
 - elevation 775 m (2,543 ft)
Length 54 km (34 mi)
Basin 317 km2 (122 sq mi)

The Duerna is a river in the province of León, Spain. It begins at the convergence of the Cabrito and Ballina streams, in the town of Molinaferrera, in the Lucillo municipality.

Coordinates: 42°18′36″N 5°53′46″W / 42.3100°N 5.8961°W / 42.3100; -5.8961