Duet (2006 film)

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Directed by Kiarash Anvari
Produced by Kiarash Anvari
Mostafa Anvari
Sadaf Foroughi
Farzaneh Sabetkasaie
Written by Kiarash Anvari
Starring Kiarash Anvari
Siavash Mazloumipour
Salar Jahangard
Narrated by Kiarash Anvari
Music by Christophe Rezai
Cinematography Reza Teimouri
Edited by Babak Anvari
Sweet Delight Pictures
Distributed by Iranian Independents
Release date
Running time
16 minutes
Language Persian

Duet is an 2006 Iranian short mockumentary film, shot in Damavand, Iran and written and directed by Kiarash Anvari.[1]


A retired veteran of the 8 year Iran-Iraq war, paralyzed from injuries suffered in the conflict, struggles to bring peace to the world through a miracle after the attacks on the World Trade Center in September 2001. The ritual he performs depends on the help of his brother, a man who does not believe in miracles.


  • Kiarash Anvari as Narrator
  • Siavash Mazloumipour as Paralyzed Soldier
  • Salar Jahangard as Brother
  • Habib as Afghan kid
  • Zahra as Afghan kid


The film has had multiple international screenings since its release: Palm Springs International Short Film Festival (2006),[2] the 13th annual Bite The Mango Film Festival in 2007,[3][4] the 5th Matsalu Nature Film Festival in 2007,[5] and the 5th Signes de Nuit International Film Festival in Paris in 2007[6]


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