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Duet Acting (often shortened to "Duet" or abbreviated as "DA" in tournament schedules and results) is an event in competitive high school forensics. Similar to Duo Interpretation, Duet Acting varies in two major respects: first, Duet is not an official National Forensic League event although some state organizations, such as the Texas Forensic Association, the Louisiana High School Speech League, and (formerly) the Ohio High School Speech League practice the event. Secondly, unlike Duo, in which the actors are not permitted to make eye contact with each other or touch each other, Duet incorporates an element of acting. Cuttings must be made from scripts.

Duet Acting involves two people, two chairs, and (in some jurisdictions) a table; the furniture is supplied in each room of competition. Time limits vary, but generally each acting pair performs an eight- to twelve-minute scene, typically using only two characters. Occasionally the performers change roles, but can only play one character per scene in the manner of dramatic or humorous interpretation. The pieces may be either serious or funny, and the extensive use of movement is permitted (i.e., interaction between both characters, as well as with the table and chairs). Duet Acting has been removed from the Ohio High School Speech League.