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Duff's Business Institute is the former name of Everest Institute's Pittsburgh campus. It offers career college programs in a variety of areas. The for-profit college was founded in 1851 as Duff's Mercantile College and has also been known as The Pioneer Business College in America, Iron City Commercial College, and Duff's Iron City College.

History of Duff's Business Institute[edit]

In 1840, the city of Pittsburgh was considered the "Gateway to the West,” through which thousands of immigrants passed in search of their fortunes in a new and free land. Among these immigrants was a thirty-seven- year-old Scotsman named Peter Duff, who was on his way to New Orleans to rebuild his molasses business.

While waiting for transportation, he accepted a temporary position as an accountant for a mercantile house. He was known for his knowledge and proficiency, and young men sought him out for instruction in accounting during the evening after a day's work in the mills and factories.

Soon after, Peter Duff established the first business college in the United States. In 1851, a perpetual charter was granted to "Duff's Mercantile College" by the Pennsylvania legislature.

Through the years, Duff's has been known as Duff's Mercantile College, The Pioneer Business College In America, Iron City Commercial College, Duff's Iron City College, and Duff's Business Institute. It is nationally recognized as the oldest business school in the country.

The Institute was acquired by Rhodes Business Group, Inc. on October 17, 1996. In June 2006 the name of the school was changed to Everest Institute.

Former Duff's Business Institute Campus[edit]

The school is located in Pittsburgh, PA and is owned by Corinthian Colleges, Inc.

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