Dug Out

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Dug Out
Dug Out cover.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedJuly 10, 1993[1]
RecordedAvaco Creative Studio
Studio Sound Dali
Sedic Studio
Sound Inn
New Orleans Recording Studio
GenrePunk rock, alternative rock
LabelEast West Japan[1]
ProducerHiroshi Imai
The Blue Hearts chronology
Stick Out Dug Out Pan
Singles from Stick Out
  1. "Party"
    Released: August 25, 1993
  2. "Yūgure"
    Released: October 25, 1993

Dug Out (ダグ・アウト, Dagu Auto) was the seventh studio album released by the Japanese rock band The Blue Hearts and the eighth album released overall.


  1. "Tegami" (手紙 Letter)
  2. "Midori no Happa" (緑のハッパ Green Leaf)
  3. "Torch Song" (トーチソング Tōchi Songu)
  4. "Ame Agari" (雨上がり After the Rain)
  5. "Toshi o Torō" (年をとろう Get Older)
  6. "Yoru no Tōzokudan" (夜の盗賊団 Night Thieves)
  7. "King of Rookie" (キング・オブ・ルーキー Kingu obu Rūkii)
  8. "Muchi to Manto" (ムチとマント Whip and Cloak)
  9. "Takaramono" (宝もの Treasures)
  10. "Yūgure" (夕暮れ Twilight)
  11. "Party" (パーティー Paatii)
  12. "Chance" (チャンス Chansu)


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