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Dugald Christie's grave, Grange Cemetery

Rev Dugald Christie CMG (November 11, 1855-December 2, 1936) was a British missionary active in China, and founder of the Shengjing Clinic and Mukden Medical College in Mukden.


He was born in Glencoe in Scotland on 11 November 1855.

He received qualifications in both medicine and surgery from the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (LRCPE LRCSEd 1881). In 1882/83 he was sent to Mukden (now Shenyang) in northeastern China as a medical missionary and opened the Shengjing Clinic. For the next 30 years Christie worked towards opening a full medical school; as funds became available (from Scottish churches, the Chinese government and local people) the clinic became a hospital and in 1911/12 Christie became the first Principal of the Mukden Medical College. MMC was the first foreign medical college to be opened in north-eastern China.

Christie retired in the mid-1920s and died, in Edinburgh, on 2 December 1936. He is buried with his second wife, Elizabeth Inglis (1855-1952), in the north-east section of the Grange Cemetery.

The Hospital[edit]

The hospital continued as the MMC's teaching hospital until MMC was absorbed by the China Medical University in 1949 when it became one of that university's hospitals and was renamed the 2nd Affiliated Hospital. In 1969 the hospital was relocated to Chaoyang as part of the plan to bring medical care to rural areas but moved back to Shenyang in 1983.

In 2002 the hospital absorbed the 3rd Affiliated Hospital and in 2003, on its 120th anniversary, restored its name as Sheng Jing Hospital.


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