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Dugan H. Ashley
Dugan Ashley Hand Signals.jpg
Dugan Ashley on the set of "Hand Signals"
Born (1985-09-05)September 5, 1985
Columbia, Missouri, United States
Nationality American
Occupation Actor, musician, painter, writer, director, YouTube personality
Known for CarniK Con

Dugan H. Ashley (born September 5, 1985) is an American actor, musician, painter, writer, director and YouTube personality best known for portraying himself on the YouTube channel CarniK Con. He is currently based out of Missouri.

Early life[edit]

Dugan Ashley was born and raised in Columbia, Missouri. At a young age he developed a deep interest in expressive arts and firearms. By the age of thirteen, Ashley began performing live music in bars and music halls in Missouri. After high school in 2005, he enlisted in the US Army as a Combat Engineer and was stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany with the 9th Engineer Battalion. In 2006 he deployed to Ramadi, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as an engineer asset to 1–9 Infantry regiment 2nd Infantry division, who conducted various operations in East Ramadi including high profile operations such as Operation Murfreesboro. In 2009 he was honorably discharged from the Army at the rank of Sergeant.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Following military service, Ashley went on to work in the firearms industry first in retail sales including opening his own gun store, then for firearms manufacturers as a representative. In late October 2012 he conceived the idea of CarniK Con and began initial writing and filming the following month.[1] Ashley was married in September 2008 and resides in Missouri along with his wife. He continues to write and direct film professionally and publishes videos on CarniK Con’s YouTube Channel.[2][3]

Feud with FPS Russia[edit]

Upon the initial success of CarniK Con, Ashley was purportedly approached by representatives of the YouTube channel FPSRussia. During this time, FPSRussia published the video "AK-47 Bacon Sundae" in which an AK-47 operated by Kyle Myers of FPSRussia is fired with an open receiver filled with ice cream and bacon.[4] Fans of CarniK Con accused FPSRussia of intellectual material theft from an earlier CarniK Con video AR-15 VS AK-47, Solved Once and For All in which Ashley fires an AK-47 with a ham sandwich in the receiver. Ashley has not made a comment regarding this, but ten days later, CarniK Con released the video SUPER CARBINE COURSE, in which a character resembling Dmitri Potapoff dies while attempting to conduct a "phantom reload."[5] At this time, there have been no collaborations between FPSRussia and CarniK Con.

End of CarniK Con[edit]

On March 27, 2015 Dugan Ashley officially announced via the CarnkCon Facebook page and his own personal page that all CarniK Con activity would cease beginning immediately,[6] he has yet to specify the reason for this decision. Although no reason is specified for this decision, many fans of CarniK Con speculate it to be partly or entirely due to a recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis,[7] which he announced on August 21, 2014. Dugan Ashley, however, did state that he would be available for other work via his contact email.




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