Dugesia notogaea

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Dugesia notogaea
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Platyhelminthes
Order: Tricladida
Suborder: Continenticola
Family: Dugesiidae
Genus: Dugesia
Species: D. notogaea
Binomial name
Dugesia notogaea
Sluys & Kawakatsu, 1998

Dugesia notogaea is a species of dugesiid triclad that inhabits freshwater bodies of north Queensland, Australia.[1][2]


D. notogaea position in relation with other Dugesia species after the work of Lázaro et al., 2009:[3]


 D. sicula

 D. aethiopica

 D. japonica

 D. ryukyuensis

 D. notogaea

 D. bengalensis

 D. subtentaculata

 D. gonocephala

 D. liguriensis

 D. etrusca

 D. ilvana

 D. benazzii

 D. hepta


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