Dui Rupaiyan

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Dui Rupaiya
Dui Rupaiya.jpg
Official poster featuring Nischal Basnet
Nepaliदुइ रुपैया
Directed byAsim Shah
Produced byAsif Shah asim shah nischal basnet
Release date
  • 8 November 2017 (2017-11-08) (Nepal)
Running time
138 minutes[1]

Dui Rupaiyan (English:Two Rupees), is a Nepali comedy, action and drama movie from the makers of "Karkash",and is directed by asim shah. The song of the movie dui rupaiya, Kutu Ma Kutu is also the most famous and viewed Nepalese song on youtube with more than 72 million view[2][3][4]


This movie is about Dui Rupaiya which is lost. Two friends have half of 2 rupees. They have a deal to deliver some illegal things to their party which has another part of nepali two rupees. But that two guys lost it and they spin around for that rupees and suffering troubles.



Kutu Ma Kutu is the most viewed Nepali song on Youtube surpassing Surke Thaili Khai.[5][6]

1."Dui Rupaiyan"Laure,Rohit Shakya,Aidray4:09
2."Kutu Ma Kutu"Rajan Raj Shiwakoti,Melina Rai,[7] Rajan Ishan5:54
3."Talkyo Jawani"Asif Shah, Nischal Basnet,Meena Niroula4:17



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