Duisburg-Entenfang station

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BF Duisburg-Entenfang.jpg
Location Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia
Line(s) Troisdorf–Mülheim-Speldorf railway
Platforms 1
Other information
Station code 1378
DS100 code EDEF
Category 7
Opened 1982

Duisburg-Entenfang is a railway station in southern Duisburg, Germany.

It is the terminus of the RB37 RegionalBahn line and consists of little more than a tarmac platform just long enough to accommodate two DB Class 628 railcars and a timetable stand. The station was opened in 1982.[1]

The station lies on the eastern side of the freight sidings on the freight-only line to Düsseldorf. It is situated next to a small lake, after which the station is named. The single track ends in a buffer stop just a few metres shy of the platform end. Passenger access to the other side of the freight yard is provided by a dirt track leading to a bridge overpass. No other public transport serves the vicinity of the station.

Operational usage[edit]

The station is served by the RB37 Der Wedauer trains in various intervals, usually every 30 minutes during the day.

Preceding station   Deutsche Bahn   Following station
toward Duisburg Hbf
RB 37
Der Wedauer


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Coordinates: 51°22′37″N 6°48′49″E / 51.3769°N 6.8137°E / 51.3769; 6.8137