Duissern (VRR)

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Rhein-Ruhr Stadtbahn station
Platform of Duissern station
Location Duisburg
Coordinates 51°26′20″N 6°47′02″E / 51.438973°N 6.783955°E / 51.438973; 6.783955
Line(s) U79 903
Platforms 1 island platform
Tracks 2
Connections Bus lines 937, 939, 944
Structure type Underground station
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Fare zone 330
Opened July 11, 1992
Preceding station   Rhine-Ruhr Stadtbahn   Following station

Duissern is an underground light rail station in the district of Duissern, Duisburg, located under Duissernstraße, near the local employment agency. The station is served by U79 and 903 lines of Duisburg stadtbahn, which is part of Stadtbahn Rhein-Ruhr. It also offers connections to several local bus lines that stop above the station.


Duissern is the northernmost station of the original tunnel section that was opened in 1992, and has thus been the terminus for the light rail line U79, because the wider light rail vehicles could not use the tram line to Meiderich and Dinslaken. When the tunnel to Meiderich was opened in 2000, line U79 was extended to the new end of the Tunnel, Meiderich Bahnhof.

The station[edit]

The station consists of a platform and a mezzanine level. One entrance is on the south of the platform, the other in the center. The platform is divided in a high and a low part. The light rail vehicles of line U79 are high-floor trains, and thus stop at the high part. The trams of line 903 have a low-floor entrance and thus people cannot get on the train on high platforms, so this line stops at the low part.

North of the station is a siding that can be used to reverse trains, as was done with U79 trains until 2000, before there also was a branch line to the tram route via a ramp. As the tram route was replaced by the new underground line completely, the junction was removed.