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Native toBoyacá, Colombia
RegionAltiplano Cundiboyacense
  • Kuna-Colombian
    • Muysccubun
      • Duit
Only numerals
Official status
Official language in
Muisca Confederation
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)
qrx (also used for the unrelated Mittlere Neu-Hebriden)
Chibcha lang.png
The second-most southern yellow dot indicates roughly the area where Duit was spoken

Duit is an extinct Chibcha language, spoken by the Muisca of present-day Boyacá, Colombia. The language appears in the modern name of the pre-Columbian settlement and last ruler Tundama; Duitama.[2]


The language is only known from one fragment analysed by scholar Ezequiel Uricoechea in 1871. The linguist mentioned that the analysed text was part of a larger work that hitherto has not been found. From the short text it was clear that the Duit language differed slightly from the main version of Chibcha, Muysccubun, spoken by the Muisca on the Altiplano Cundiboyacense.[3]

As the Muisca did not have a script, only for their numerals, written Duit language texts do not exist.[4]

Comparison to Muysccubun and numerals[edit]

English Duit Muysccubun Numerals as noted by Acosta, Humboldt and Zerda
one atia ata
Muisca cyphers acc acosta humboldt zerda.svg
two bocha bosa
three meia mica
Sun sa súa
Moon tia chía
star cúrcha fagua[5]
Earth coga quica

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