Duke Ai of Qi

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Duke Ai of Qi
Ruler of Qi
Reign 9th century BC
Predecessor Duke Gui of Qi
Successor Duke Hu of Qi
Full name
Ancestral name: Jiang (姜)
Clan name: Lü (呂)
Given name: Buchen (不辰)
House House of Jiang
Father Duke Gui of Qi

Duke Ai of Qi (Chinese: 齊哀公; pinyin: Qí Āi Gōng; reigned 9th century BC) was the fifth recorded ruler of the ancient Chinese state of Qi during the Western Zhou Dynasty. His personal name was Lü Buchen (呂不辰), ancestral name Jiang (), and Duke Ai was his posthumous title.[1][2]

Duke Ai succeeded his father Duke Gui of Qi as ruler of Qi. Duke Ai had a dispute with the marquis of Qi's neighbouring state Ji (紀). King Yi of Zhou sided with Marquis of Ji and executed Duke Ai by boiling him to death. King Yi installed Duke Ai's younger half-brother Jing on the throne, later known as Duke Hu of Qi.[1][2]


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Duke Ai of Qi
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Duke Gui of Qi
Duke of Qi
9th century BC
Succeeded by
Duke Hu of Qi