Duke Huai of Jin

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Duke Huai of Jin
Ruler of Jin
Reign 637 BC
Predecessor Duke Hui of Jin
Successor Duke Wen of Jin
Died 637 BC
Spouse Huai Ying
Full name
Ancestral name: Ji (姬)
Given name: Yu (圉)
Father Duke Hui of Jin
Mother Princess of Liang

Duke Huai of Jin (simplified Chinese: 晋怀公; traditional Chinese: 晉懷公; pinyin: Jìn Huái Gōng, died 637 BC) was in 637 BC briefly the ruler of the State of Jin during the Spring and Autumn period of ancient China. His ancestral name was Ji, given name Yu, and Duke Huai was his posthumous title. Before ascending the throne he was known as Crown Prince Yu. His father was Duke Hui of Jin, and his mother was a princess of the minor State of Liang, whom Duke Hui married when he was in exile there.[1]

In 643 BC, Prince Yu was sent to the State of Qin as a hostage, where he married Princess Huai Ying (懷嬴), a daughter of Duke Mu of Qin, the powerful ruler of Qin at the time. In 641 BC, Qin conquered and annexed Liang, the state of Prince Yu's mother.[1]

In 638 BC, Duke Hui of Jin became ill. As Prince Yu was a hostage in Qin and his mother's state had been destroyed, he was worried that Duke Hui might replace him as crown prince with one of his other sons. He decided to escape back to Jin. Huai Ying refused to escape with him but agreed not to reveal his plan.[1]

Duke Hui died in the ninth month of 637 BC, and Prince Yu ascended the throne, to be known as Duke Huai of Jin. Duke Mu of Qin, however, was angry at Prince Yu for his escape from Qin and supported Duke Hui's brother Chong'er. He even married five of his daughters, including Huai Ying, to Chong'er. With the support of the Qin army, as well as Jin generals Luan Zhi and Xi Hu (郤縠), Chong'er killed Duke Huai at Gaoliang and ascended the throne as Duke Wen of Jin.[1]


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Duke Huai of Jin
Cadet branch of the House of Ji
Died: 637 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Duke Hui of Jin
Duke of Jin
637 BC
Succeeded by
Duke Wen of Jin