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Duke Montana, MC Duke, Il Generale
Duke Montana 2011.JPG
Background information
Birth name Duccio Barker
Born (1976-02-07) 7 February 1976 (age 40)
Origin Italy

Hip hop
Gangsta rap

West Coast Rap
Occupation(s) Rapper
Instruments Rapping / DJ
Years active 1988–present

Sony BMG
Golden Age Label

Associated acts Onyx, Club Dogo, Fabri Fibra

Duccio Barker (Rome, 7 February 1975), better known as Duke Montana is an Italian underground rapper, actor and businessman, member of Italian hip hop crews Black Barz and ODEI Roma Clan and CEO of Golden Age Label.[1] His style is a mix of Italian language with American language and slang.[2] He collaborated with several Italian and American rappers, such as Kool G Rap, Onyx, Club Dogo, Fabri Fibra, Emis Killa, Wu-Tang Clan, Ice-T.[3]

He is the father of the beatmaker Sick Luke.[4]

Power Mc's[edit]

Duccio Barker was born in Rome by a British/Italian father and Italian mother. In the early years of his life he lived in Santa Ana ghetto, in Los Angeles. In early 90's, when he was fourteen, Duke founded his first hip-hop collective, Power Mc's, together with the producer Ice One and Julie P. with which he released the Power to the People LP. The project was then interrupted because Duke returned to USA. In these years he collaborated with important members of the American rap scene including Onyx, Ice-T, Wu-Tang Clan and starred in the film Le amiche del cuore, directed by Michele Placido, playing the role of himself.[5] During these years he spent his life between Corpus Christii, London and finally Los Angeles. Here he performed in many live concerts until 2000, when he definitely settled in Italy. After his EP as soloist, Atlantis Land, during year 2006 he began a close collaboration with Truceklan that culminated with his official entry in the crew.[6] Their songs, such as Corpus Christii, produced together with Gel and Metal Carter, often contained references to violence, extreme sex and drug abuse.


Duke Montana and Sticky Fingaz from Onyx.

In 2008 together with Noyz Narcos and other members of the crew he took part to the album Ministero dell'Inferno and later in 2010 to the album Guilty, including collaborations from Italian mainstream rap scene such as Club Dogo, Marracash and Fabri Fibra. During these years he performed in many concerts all around Italy and Switzerland. In 2011 he gave birth to the project Black Bandana Click, together with Metal Carter and Noyz Narcos, with the intention to publish an album, Klan Related, and three extra tracks. The project failed because of a sudden break between Duke and Noyz Narcos, due to a personal feud. In 2011 Noyz Narcos suggestivley attacked Duke in the song Snakes.[7] Duke replied with an open dissing track named Stai messo male, in which Noyz is described as a poser, drug-addict, actually coming from a wealthy family. In other songs Montana accused Noyz of having given evidences to the police during several drug investigations which led to the arrest of some Duke's friends. However, by a decision of the label, the three songs of the incomplete project were released in a collection named B.B.C. Project Single.

Feud with Frankie HI-NRG[edit]

In 2009, when he still was a member of Truceklan, Italian police led several drug operations which involved many members of the crew. The investigations led to the seizure of over than 10 kilograms of drugs and to the arrest of eighteen people, also including Chicoria and Noyz Narcos, while Montana never had criminal record.[8] In those days the rapper Frankie Hi-NRG MC, during an interview on the Italian national networks, declared:

Rap is a job, you have to be an author, a composer. If you want to use drugs, use it, but it should be used as an accessory, and never as a flag. I'm a rapper too, but I never encourage extreme sex or the use of drugs.[9]

Truceklan replied to this provocation with a diss, wrote and sang by Duke Montana. In the intro of the videoclip some members of his crew, using a spray, write on a car Snuff It, Frankie. Later, an actor in the part of Frankie is represented to have sex with another man and finally is beaten up and forced to enter in an ambulance, driven by other members of the crew. In the final scene Duke and Noyz Narcos slash a copy of Frankie's last album in front of the camera. Frankie never replied to the diss.[10]

Solist career[edit]

Duke Montana and Noyz Narcos

In October 2011 Duke officially left the crew Truceklan and began a career as soloist flanked by the collaboration, at same time, with ODEI Roma Clan, historical rival of his former crew. After leaving Propaganda Records he released the album Grind Music II, self-produced and distributed by Edel Music. In the same year he published his further album, Stay Gold, produced by Don Joe and Sick Luke. It included collaboration with the American hip-hop group Onyx (Bloodsport), Club Dogo (Carta Viola), Fabri Fibra (Alphabet Killers), also including other mainstream[11] and underground rappers. Still in 2012 he recorded the track Smashin' (Italian Remix) featuring Onyx and The Beatnuts. Currently he is the president of Golden Age Biz, his personal label, which has a partnership with Sony BMG for distribution and Live Nation for his live tours. It also deals with the production of Black Barz and other emerging underground rappers. On the 15 July 2012 Duke Montana opened the first and the only Italian date of the American rapper Wiz Khalifa, in Milan, together with Fedez and Baby K.[12]

Black Barz[edit]

Duke Montana opening Wiz Khalifa's Italian tour in Milan.
Graffiti of Black Barz in Rome

In 2013 the rapper Seppia, also a former member of Truceklan, finally was out of prison. In the same year Duke, together with Seppia, Muggio, and with his own son Sick Luke, he founded the Black Barz crew, maintaining a parallel collaboration with the ODEI Clan. They released three singles, including the respective videoclips: Cannibal Ferox, produced by The Alchemist, Black Barz Anthem and First Blood.[13] In the month of July he announced the release of two next albums, the first of whom, Grind Muzik 3, as solist. The second, named Black Barz Mixtape, will be the first official LP of the crew.


During his career as an actor he took part to several regular and porn movies, in each of which he always played the role of himself. Most of the scenes are criminal themed or however describe the social unrest and corruption proper of the Italian society:

  • 1992 – Le amiche del cuore directed by Michele Placido.
  • 2007 - Mucchio selvaggio together with Club Dogo and Truceklan,[14] porn movie.
  • 2008 - Moralità Corrotta, porn movie.
  • 2008 - Mala Vita, porn movie.
  • 2010 - Ganja Fiction, reportage



  • 1991 – Power to the People (Power Mc's)
  • 2000 – Atlantis Land - Virgin Records
  • 2008 – Ministero dell'Inferno (Truceklan) - Propaganda Records
  • 2008 – Street Mentality - Propaganda Records
  • 2010 – Grind Muzik Mixtape - Propaganda Records
  • 2012 – Grind Muzik II prod. Don Joe, Shablo, Sick Luke - Edel Music
  • 2012 – Stay Gold prod. Don Joe and Sick Luke - Sony BMG
  • 2013 - Black Barz Mixtape - Golden Age Label
  • 2014 - Grind Muzik III Mixtape - Sony BMG

Single Tracks[edit]

  • 2000 – Atlantis World
  • 2000 – Da Hip Hop Witch (soundtrack)
  • 2006 – Lovin' Lola (Summer Hits 2006)
  • 2009 – Diss Track feat. Truceklan


  • 2000 – Flaminio Maphia feat. Duke Montana - Veteranos Por Vida
  • 2000 - Flaminio Maphia feat. Duke Montana, Chef Ragoo, Piotta & Brusco - Combattimento Mortale III
  • 2006 – Gel & Metal Carter feat. Duke Montana - Corpus Christii
  • 2007 - Chicoria feat. Duke Montana - Combattemose Roma
  • 2007 - Chicoria feat. Duke Montana - How We Livin'
  • 2007 - Noyz Narcos feat. Duke Montana - Don't Fuck With Me
  • 2007 - Noyz Narcos feat. Mystic1, Duke Montana & Miss Violetta Beauregarde - 666
  • 2007 - Metal Carter feat. Duke Montana - Con Il Crack
  • 2008 – Santo Trafficante feat. Inoki, Duke Montana – Split Personality
  • 2008 – Lou Chano feat. Duke Montana & Noyz Narcos - The Gates Of Hell
  • 2008 - Gel feat. Mystic1, Duke Montana & Chicoria - True Stories
  • 2008 – Duke Montana feat. Noyz Narcos - Bersaglio Accerchiato
  • 2008 - Lou Chano feat. Cole, Fabri Fibra & Duke Montana - Deadicated
  • 2008 – Rough feat. Duke Montana & Metal Carter - We Crave Hardcore Rap
  • 2008 - Noyz Narcos & Dj Gengis Khan feat. Duke Montana - Keep Your Mouth Shut
  • 2009 - Cole feat. Duke Montana & Chicoria - Groupie Love
  • 2009 – Gast feat. Duke Montana - Everyday
  • 2009 - Gast feat. Duke Montana & Noyz Narcos - Sideshow
  • 2009 – Gast feat. Chicoria & Duke Montana - Runnin' This Rap Shit
  • 2009 - Gast feat. Cole & Duke Montana - Baby
  • 2010 - Noyz Narcos feat. Duke Montana - Sotto Indagine
  • 2010 - Noyz Narcos feat. Duke Montana - Nel Teschio
  • 2010 - Noyz Narcos feat. Duke Montana & Chicoria - L'ultima Chiamata
  • 2010 - In The Panchine feat. Duke Montana & Noyz Narcos - Gatto Delle Nevi
  • 2011 - Metal Carter & Cole feat. Gast & Duke Montana - Croce Nera Sulla Mappa
  • 2011 – Guè Pequeno feat. Duke Montana & Noyz Narcos – Mind Your Bizness
  • 2012 – Chicoria feat. Duke Montana - Lonely Streets
  • 2012 – Chicoria feat. Duke Montana - Polvere Alla Polvere, Cenere Alla Cenere, Relativo Al Genere



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