Duke University String School

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Duke University String School
Established January 1967
Director Erica Shirts
Students approx. 250
Location Durham, North Carolina, U.S.
Campus Urban
Website www.duke.edu/web/DUSS/

Duke University String School is staff of music teachers who teach students how to play music. DUSS has started school music programs in Dunn, Lillington and Durham, North Carolina. Students from DUSS have played for Candlelight tours of the White House, and have hosted many students from other countries to play with them.


Duke University String School began in January 1967 in a building owned by Duke University. It was founded by Arlene Di Cecco and Dorothy Kitchen. During this time the members of the Ciompi Quartet were part of the staff but now serve only as advisors. At first, it was only Dorothy Kitchen, Arlene di Cecco, and 25 other students to whom they gave lessons. Three years after the start of the school an orchestra was added and chamber music groups soon after that. Now there are numerous private instructors, three orchestras at different advancement levels, at least ten chamber music groups per semester, a year-long theory class and more than 250 students.

Staff [1][edit]

  • Erica Shirts - Director
  • Dorothy Kitchen - Founder, Director Emeritus, Violin, Viola, Chamber Music
  • Stephanie Swisher - Director of the Violin Choir I and II, Violin, Chamber music.
  • Shelly Livingston - Youth Orchestra Assistant Conductor, Chamber Music
  • Rob Rempher - Concert Strings Orchestra Conductor, Director of Chamber Music
  • Matt Stutzman - Intermediate Strings Orchestra Conductor, Music Theory, Chamber Music
  • Daniel Raimi - Jazz Teacher
  • Robbie Link - Bass, Cello
  • Jonathon Bagg - Ciompi Quartet Advisor, Viola
  • Hsiao-mei Ku - Ciompi Quartet Advisor, Violin
  • Fred Raimi - Ciompi Quartet Advisor, Cello


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