Duke of Cádiz

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Coat of arms of the Duke of Cadiz (1972-1989)

The Duchy of Cádiz is Spanish nobility title. Its name refers to the Andalusian city of Cádiz.


After the death of the 1st Duke, the Catholic Monarchs negotiated with Francisca Ponce de León y de la Fuente, the abolition of the Marquisate and Duchy of Cádiz, reinstating the city and the titles to the crown after her death. For centuries, the title remained in abeyance, until the nineteenth century. Since then, the title was held by members of the Spanish Royal Family.

List of holders[edit]

Royal Title Period
First creation by Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile
I Rodrigo Ponce de León 1484–1492
II Francisca Ponce de León y de la Fuente 1492–1493
Second creation by Ferdinand VII
I Infante Francis 1820–1821
II Infante Francis, King consort of Spain 1822–1902
Third creation by Francisco Franco
I Alfonso de Borbón y Dampierre 1972–1989