Duke of York Island, Papua New Guinea

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Duke of York Islands seen from space

Duke of York Island is the largest island of Duke of York Islands, Papua New Guinea, at 4°10′00″S 152°28′00″E / 4.1666667°S 152.4666667°E / -4.1666667; 152.4666667Coordinates: 4°10′00″S 152°28′00″E / 4.1666667°S 152.4666667°E / -4.1666667; 152.4666667. The island is named after Prince Edward, the brother of King George III of Great Britain.

There is also a Duke of York Island at 71°37′33.74″S 170°2′56.88″E / 71.6260389°S 170.0491333°E / -71.6260389; 170.0491333 in North Victoria Land in East-Antarctica, at the southern end of Robertson Bay, not far from Cape Adare.