Duke of York Island (Chile)

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Duke of York Island (Chile) is located in Chile
Duke of York Island (Chile)
Coordinates 50°36′19″S 75°18′50″W / 50.605228°S 75.313902°W / -50.605228; -75.313902Coordinates: 50°36′19″S 75°18′50″W / 50.605228°S 75.313902°W / -50.605228; -75.313902
Adjacent bodies of water Pacific ocean
Area 522 km2 (202 sq mi)
Coastline 320.8 km (199.34 mi)
Region Magallanes
Additional information
NGA UFI=-879997

Duke of York Island (Chile) (Spanish: Isla Duque de York) is an island in Magallanes Region, Chile.

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