Duke of Primo de Rivera

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Dukedom of Primo de Rivera
COA Duke of Primo de Rivera.svg
Creation date 18 July 1948
Monarch Francisco Franco
Peerage Spain
First holder José Antonio Primo de Rivera
Present holder Miguel Primo de Rivera y Urquijo
Heir apparent Fernando Primo de Rivera y Oriol
Remainder to Absolute primogeniture
Subsidiary titles Marquisate of Estella

The Dukedom of Primo de Rivera (Spanish: Ducado de Primo de Rivera) is a hereditary title in the Spanish nobility. The dukedom was posthumously bestowed on José Antonio Primo de Rivera, founder of the Falangist movement, by General Francisco Franco as head of the Spanish state.

Because José Antonio had no children the title devolved to his younger brother Don Miguel and subsequently, for the very same reason, to his nephew Don Miguel Primo de Rivera y Urquijo.[1]



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