Counts and dukes of Guelders

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Original coat of arms of the County and Duchy of Guelders
Coat of arms after 1379

List of Counts of Guelders[edit]

House of Wassenberg[edit]

The first count of Guelders was Gerard IV, Lord of Wassenberg.

List of Dukes of Guelders[edit]

House of Wassenberg[edit]

During Reinoud II's reign, the county of Guelders was elevated to a duchy.

After the death of Reginald III without issue, two of his sisters disputed the succession of the Duchy of Guelders:

House of Jülich-Hengebach[edit]

House of Egmond[edit]

  • 1423–1436: John II, nephew of Reginald IV, regent of Arnold
  • 1423–1465: Arnold, son of John II
  • 1465–1471: Adolf, son of Arnold
  • 1471–1473: Arnold, second time

Arnold sold the Duchy of Guelders to Charles I, Duke of Burgundy, who was recognized by the Holy Roman Emperor as Duke of Guelders.

House of Burgundy[edit]

House of Habsburg[edit]

House of Egmond[edit]

The Egmond family did not abandon their claims to Guelders and Charles of Egmond conquered the Duchy in 1492. He remained in power with support of the French king.

House of La Marck[edit]

  • 1538–1543: William II, distant relative and successor of the House of Egmond

House of Habsburg[edit]

Guelders in popular culture[edit]

William Thatcher, the lead character in the 2001 film A Knight's Tale played by Heath Ledger claimed to be Sir Ulrich von Liechtenstein from Gelderland so as to appear to be of noble birth and thus qualify to participate in jousting.

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