Duke of Södermanland

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Duke of Södermanland is a title that has been created in the Kingdom of Sweden several times. It is unanimously given by the King to one of his sons or grandsons. In earlier centuries duchies in Sweden conferred a ruling position to their prince-duke, sometimes nearly on par with the power held by the king himself; since 1772 dukedoms have been granted in title only. Södermanland, meaning "South man land", is one of the provinces of Sweden, named for its position in reference to Lake Mälaren.

List of Dukes of Södermanland[edit]

  • Erik Magnusson, son of King Magnus III, from 1302 until his death in 1318
  • Prince Karl, son of King Gustav I, from 1560 until he became King in 1604
  • Prince Karl Filip, son of King Karl IX, from 1609 until his death in 1622
  • Prince Karl, son of King Adolf Fredrik, from 1772 until he became King in 1809
  • Prince Oscar, son of King Karl XIV Johan, from before 1818 until he became King in 1844
  • Prince Carl Oscar, son of Crown Prince (later King) Karl (XV), from his birth in 1852 until his death in 1854
  • Prince Wilhelm, son of King Gustaf V, from his birth in 1884 until his death in 1965
  • Prince Alexander, grandson of King Carl XVI Gustaf, from 2016