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Dukhan Field is a large petroleum-producing field extending over an area of approximately 80 km in Dukhan, Qatar. The first well was drilled in 1939/1940 and the first export of petroleum from Dukhan went out in 1949.[1] The field produces up to 335,000 barrels (53,300 m3) of crude oil per day.


The onshore Dukhan field, located along the west coast of the peninsula, is the country’s largest producing oil field.[2] It contains 4 reservoirs - Khatiyah, Fahahil and Jaleha/Diyab, 3 are oil reservoirs, and 1 contains non-associated gas. Oil and gas are separated in 4 degassing stations; Khatiyah North, Khatiyah Main, Fahahil Main and Jaleha. Stabilized crude is transported by pipeline to the Mesaieed port.


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Coordinates: 25°26′55″N 50°47′15″E / 25.4485°N 50.7874°E / 25.4485; 50.7874